Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


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My posted comment to http://recallmarty.com

Rogi said...
"fucksmoking" represents the elitist attitude embodied by Marty: anybody who even APPEARS to be less-than upper middle class must be disappeared from the streets of Disneyquerque. You can now be arrested for sitting too long at a bus stop. You can be arrested for SMOKING at a bus stop. You can be arrested for being addicted on public transportation. You can lose your house for having ONE WEED that's ove 4" tall in your yard; the city will condemn your house and sell it, if you refuse/can't comply. You can be held criminally liable for animal abuse if there are flies, bees or ants in your yard!

ALL of these laws are SELECTIVELY enforced, and city government openly admits that. If your neighbor wants to persecute you, the city will gleefully comply.

It happened to me. I lost my home, my pets, most of my belongings and everything in my bank acc't. when my house was "condemned" as "substandard," after a persecution campaign by the neighborhood CIA (community improvement association.)

Was I selling drugs? Was I running an auto garage or salvage yard from my house? No.

I opened my home to the neighborhood kids. I helped them with their homework, their abusive & neglectful family members. I gave them food, clothing, school supplies. I taught them: cooking, gardening, animal husbandry, auto repair, carpentry..... I took them to museums, planetariums, parks, nature preserves...

For this, the gang unit was called on me. The POLICE wrote a report in which they said I was a "paranoid scizophrenic and self-proclaimed witch" (I'd said I was a curandera.) I was immediately homeless. I was FORCED into an ambulance for a psychiatric evaluation. I was billed $400.00 for the ambulance. My animals were destroyed. Neigbhors broke in and stole most of my possessions, including my check book. Nobody in the neighborhood would rent to me. I had 15 days to pack, only during daylight hours. If I was seen there after dark, I'd be arrested for "trespass."

No drugs, guns or other suspicious crap was ever found on the property or my person.

THIS is selective enforcement.

By the way, you can't smoke a cigarette, from what the signs say, within 100' of the door to a business. Most places I shop (not big box stores), there are other business entrances, less than 100' from each other. Where can employees smoke on break? I've also heard it's illegal to smoke in your parked car at a business parking lot!

Marty isn't getting those Armani suits for nothin', folks. Who's paying him to turn this town into Disneyquerque?http://rriverstone.com