Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Freecycling is not Wal*Mart shopping

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To all participants in Albuquerque Freecycle http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FreecycleABQ/

I'm a private citizen, not a big box store. Respect my privacy.

If you agree to pick up an item, arrive on time. If you can't make the appointment, email me. Otherwise, I'll be sitting outside, in the heat or cold, waiting for you. My time and health are more valuable than that. You don't get to just stroll in, at your leasure.

Don't ask about other: items, animals, vehicles, people, structures on my property. My contract with you is for specific items. There's no window shopping. You can ask me if I have something specific you need, but I probably don't, if you didn't see it posted in Freecycle.

Other items you may see, sitting out, are my business. They may be for other Freecyclers. They may be junk. They may be my idea of exterior decorating. It doesn't matter to you. Don't ask if you can have them.

My personal history isn't your concern. I don't have to answer questions about my personal life. It's not your busines to question me. I don't know you. You are a stranger, and a guest at my home. Behave yourself accordingly. I don't need to worry that you're "casing the joint."

You CANNOT use my restroom. Plan your bathroom trips before you arrive. You may drink water from my garden hose; I will not invite you into my house. NEVER wander around my property without my permission and personal escort. I will call the police.

Do NOT spam my email in box with half a dozen or more messages. Think about the questions you want to ask me, before you hit "siend." DO NOT demand that I send you a reminder email or make a phone call because you can't keep a persoal calendar to remember our appointment. Keep the directions to my house & our appointment time; do not delete them. I don't like giving out my phone number, usually; I only do so on a case-by-case basis. You don't need to know who I am.

I give clear directions to my house. If you don't understand west from east, left from right, etc, you need to use an online mapping service, or a friend, to help you get here.

Bring whatever containers, tools, gloves, transportation, tie-downs, help you need. I cannot provide them, unless I've specifically stated that in my Freecycle ad.

Play nice and I will do the same. Otherwise, you'll go on my "list," and I'll never respond to your requests again.

Friday, August 24, 2007

more freecycle posts

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OFFER: Corrugated metal OLD TOWN
2' sheets, apx. 10' long. 5 of them. These were used, when I got them.They have some minor tears and minor rust. They're screwed onto my shedwall. I have a cordless drill with attachments which you can borrow.I need the taker to remove them. Each is held on with less than 10 hex.screws. Not a difficult job, but I MUST save my strength for this move!You should probably come EARLY (6-8am) in the morning, or late in theevening. This steel is exposed to sun, most of the day, and gets hotenough to fry meat on.Bring: gloves, pick up truck. These aren't heavy. Most people can carryat least 1 sheet; I can carry 3 at a time. Close to the street, so nota long walk with them.

TAKEN, PPU: Sewing machine
For somebody's granddaughter, who wants to learn to sew. If she can learn on THIS machine, she'll be able to sew on ANY machine!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Things I'm giving away on Freecycle

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If you don't know about freecycle, it's a yahoo group, all over the country, dedicated to keeping stuff out of the landfills by recycling it to others who need it. It's sorted by geographical location. The albuquerque group has about FOUR THOUSAND subscribers. If you need something, or want to get rid of something without throwing it away, this is the place for you.

OH, by the way, PPU means Pending Pick Up.

OFFER: Books Old Town
Fiction & non. How to's, literature, social sciences. Many feminist orlocal or historical or queer or....ecclectic interests.They'll be available starting Friday, as it'll take a coupla days toget them out to the storage shed.

OFFER: 2 unsightly, double-burner hot plates OLD TOWN
Great designs: hot pans, hanging over burners, cracked the knobs onone. The other one has been cleaned so many times, I've rubbed thepaint off. Obviously designed by people who'd never use them. They workGREAT. They're just ugly.

OFFER: World's ugliest drier --electric OLD TOWN
It's kinda scab red. Some kid hung on the door, so you have to keep itshut with a strong magnet. It needs the "pigtail" wire, which you canfind at any hardware store for about fifteen bucks. Got it from aneighbor who swears it works great.

OFFER: Ugly, little chickens OLD TOWN
I don't yet know if they're roosters or hens. They're a motley crew ofhalf breed muts. If you can catch em, you can have em.

No collector's items here: cats scratched the backs, so they won't sellfor much. Jazz, '70s rock, classical. Obscure artists like DeniseWilliams, who was discovered by Stevie Wonder. One Donna Summer, to myunending embarrassment.If you lay them over flower pots in the sun, they melt into a pot-shapefor house plants.Crappy frisbees; tend to crack.Good for leveling crooked table legs.

OFFER: Mystery microwave: Does it or doesn't it? OLD TOWN
Work, that is. I think it blew a fuse. I know the turntable motor isdead, but can be replaced. I blew up a bowl of chili inside, so it'sdecorated with chili jerky.Inside is barely large enough for a small chicken (no, not the ugly,little ones, I'm giving away.)Any obsessive compulsive tinkerers out there?

OFFER: unfinished needlework kits. OLD TOWN
Some cross stitch, lotsa needlepoint, a few of those what are theycalled? crewel? things: embroidering with yarn.When I was 20 yrs. younger, I had a horrible job. It was either doneedle work, or become a mass murderer. Unfortunately, I bore easily,so I seldom finished any. I have a filing cabinet full. gag.

OFFER: Billyuns & billyuns of glass jars OLD TOWN
They're salsa, pnut butter, etc. jars, with lids. I used them for myhomemade salsa. If nobody takes em, I'll haul them to the recyclingplace, so the Chinese can melt them down and resell them to us at wallyworld, or something. Free, dead spiders included in some jars.

OFFER: decent potting soil OLD TOWN
I'm moving with my containers, but not the dirt. I probably have acoupla hundred lbs. And, if you'd like, I'll throw in some goat- andchicken-poopy straw, for extra nitrogen. Yummy! Has some shreddedpaper, rocks and styrofoam peanuts mixed in, but that's good for theroots. I just can't lug my dirt across town again for this next move.I'll make more when I get there. Plants died in this hideous heat,anyway. sigh

OFFER: Inflatable snowman with busted fan OLD TOWN
Ripstop nylon, lighted, almost as tall as I am, and slightly fatter.Fan's busted, but here's what I did when my Halloween "Tigger" had thesame disease: I stuffed it with those packing pillows and bubble wrap.The light shines thru just fine and, frankly, the extra weight of thepacking materials keeps it from flying to Texas on windy days.So, if you need an inflatable snowman that doesn't inflate, I'm yourgal.

I made goat fences outta em. Some are 6' long. Most are 5x5 or less.Great for alienating the Neighborhood Association.

OFFER: lotsa pens & pencils OLD TOWN
I don't know how I got so many of the lil stinkers, but if you knowsomeone who needs to write stuff a lot, I got yer back.

TAKEN, PPU: unfinished needlework kits. OLD TOWN
Going to a nursing home, to keep old people off the streets. THANKS!

OFFER: color tv OLD TOWN
Has a rabbit ear antenna hook up. You can buy one of those adapters tocoax cable, though, to attach it to a vcr, etc. That way, you can use aremote to change channels. Otherwise, you might ACTUALLY have to getsome exercise, get off the couch, walk to the TV and change the channel(gasp) by hand.Worked, last time I plugged it in. Has a pretty big screen, for an oldfart. Don't know dimensions, off hand.It's on top of a fridge I'm giving away, so the sooner you get it, thehappier I'll be.

OFFER: Dog House, in pieces OLD TOWN
It's huge. The base is about 8x4'. It's white press board, chip boardand 2x4s. We got it off another freecycler. Had to take apart, to fitin my big truck!Was hoping to reassemble for my goats, but, now that we're having tomove, I ain't takin it with me.It's a jigsaw puzzle, but, if you fix it up, it'll CERTAINLY keepanimals warm! Big enuff for the KIDS!!!

OFFER: Roll of roofing tar OLD TOWN
Got this off another freecycler. Was gonna reroof the huge dog house.Since that's going, this has got to go. White gravel, black tar paper,new roll.

OFFER: very orange, plastic construction fencing OLD TOWN
Good for keeping chickens out of stuff or in something. Very durableand doesn't rot in the sun. Had it for years, don't need it any more.It's about 4' tall and I have enough to pretty much wrap around mywhole, front yard.

TAKEN: tv, jars, spiders, pens & pencils, needlework, LPs, roofing,
And thanks to those of you who simply sent fan mail, because I made youlaugh. There will be more dead spiders, soon.

TAKEN: orange construction fence
Man, you guys'll take anything....

TAKEN, PPU: inflatable snowman
Well, THAT's a relief!

OFFER: incredibly worthless comforters/blankets OLD TOWN
They have thick, kapok batting that would be great for quilters whoaren't fussy. Or, just sew 2 sheets together to make a duvet cover. Ifyall don't take em, I'm throwing em at homeless people under the bridge.I also have some polyester blankets, kinda fuzzy.Don't ask what sizes; I have no idea.

OFFER: foam futon thingy that folds into chair/spiderman print OLD T
Incredibly ugly, but worked as futon pad. Several blocks of thick foamrubber, with a round "pillow/backrest" piece at the top.

OFFER: weird assortment of dishes & mugs OLD TOWN
Mostly, I have a stack of glass plates, but I have several, largerdinner plates, too. I have about 6 coffee mugs. I also have atremendously-unnecessary collection of plastic camping dishes and mugsand those tall Coke drink containers, like you get at the takeoutplaces.

OFFER: foam couch cushions, OLD TOWN
USed em as the back to my futon couch. about 3" thick. No covers, justfoam.

OFFER: 2 black, "iron" looking metal futon frames OLD TOWN
One has some screws loose, but who doesn't, really? It was obviouslyused by a VERY heavy person, or a bed jumper, as it's a little bendy inthe middle. The other one is just fine. I've slept & sat on both andlived to tell. When covered with padding, who cares, anyway?

OFFER: Useless bicycles, 2 adult, 2 itsy bitsy OLD TOWN
The little ones are pink & purple huffys, with white tires.The bigger ones are so-called, "Mountain" bikes, with screwed up brakeand/or gear levers. Frames ok, but.... great for tinkerers.

OFFER: stumps & logs OLD TOWN
I used them for cat scratching posts and decorations in my yard. Hardto split for wood. None over 2' tall. Good decorations, but I'mevicted, so they gotta go

TAKEN, PPU: spiderman futon, foam cushions, stumps & logs
Now, it's a challenge: what weird stuff can I find around this housethat yall will want? WHEW!I think I'm gonna let yall take most of my stuff & just get more onfreecycle, after we move. Why haul it around town?

TAKEN, PPU: itsy bitsy bikes
But the adult bikes still haunt me.

TAKEN, PPU: not bendy in the middle futon frame
Who's up for the bendy one? I swear: you CAN sleep on it! We've slept on it while camping.

Apparantly, people in the east mtns. read and tinker a lot.

OFFER: Sliding windows & Glass Door OLD TOWN
This one breaks my heart. These are nice windows, got em off other freecyclers. The sliding glass door is attached easily to my porch and you'll have to help me get it down and apart.
The other 2 windows are about 5' tall. one's black and about five feet wide the other one's a lot wider and it's plexiglass.
I was going to use them to "greenhouse" my goat & chicken shed this winter. Dang.
I HATE getting evicted! Trying to find a cheap house that'll take 2 goats is a real job.
I'd throw in the landlord for free, if I could, but I don't think you'd like it.

TAKEN, PPU: worthless blankets & comforters
You're a very sporting crowd.

OFFER: Pekin Ducks, OLD TOWN
I posted this on craigslist, as I wanted to require a small adoption fee, as I DON'T want these ducks eaten or abused. They can't live with dogs. They need a small pool, no more than about 4" tall, without bricks to step up on.
I have 3 females: PeeWee, Molly and Dolly
I have 3 males: Lucky, Plucky and Herman
Your choice.
They're shy of people, but fun to watch. The females quack loudest. Lucky's 3 years old, but the others are under 1 year.
They eat duck, dog, people, cat, dog, chicken food. They're quite fond of melons and mushy fruits. They'll need a dog house or some protection. They do fine in cold winters, even swimming in icy water.
These are my friends and I'll miss them very much. So, please, don't reply unless you're willing to commit some effort into some very lovely creatures. You need a fenced yard that dogs can't enter. DON'T try to keep them inside; they poop compulsively! No cages!

OFFER: apx. 1 doz. quart bottles of "Sno Bowl" toilet cleaner OLD TOWN
I found these in a dumpster, outside a dollar store. They smell kinda perfumy and they turn the water blue. They're good for disolving mineral deposits. Never used em much, but a whole case? in a DUMPSTER??? so, take as many as you need. the bottles are a little dirty, as they've been stored outside. They even have some ancient chicken poopies on some of them. We can haul them into the front yard and spray em with the garden hose.

OFFER: odd assortment of 1 gal. cans, house paints OLD TOWN
Most are latex, some are oil. indoor, outdoor. Got them from Rinchem, the place you take toxic chemicals. They let people take em on Fris and Sats, in the afternoon. Was gonna paint my truck & the dog house.
Some cans incomplete, most have been opened. LOTS of colors. More than 2 doz cans

TAKEN, PPU: toilet cleaner
You'd think our toilet would be a lot cleaner than it is, considering how much of this I had laying around! Guess you actually have to USE it, though.

TAKEN, PPU: my house paint collection
a couple of you are coming to pick thru it. If anything is left, I'll repost after the weekend.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wal*Mart thinks social responsibility is "Crazy"

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So, it's "crazy" to ride a moped -- or, perhaps, a scooter? -- to work, huh? My scooter gets NINETY MILES PER GALLON! And my electric bicycle is even MORE green, than that. BOTH can pull trailers with a hundred pound payload. I only pay $75/year insurance on my scooter, and nothing on the electric bicycle.

"Crazy:" a pajorative for someone with a mental disability. Like the mentally ill don't get stigmatized, enough, already????

Wal*Mart buys Chinese products, made by near slaves. They pollute in HUGE volumes. They underpay workers 'til they need food stamps!

I'll tell you what's crazy: shopping at WallyWorld! BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!