Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, October 31, 2003

When Does One Harvest Wild Onions?

well, I know onions are one of the things people keep in their root cellars over winter, so I'd guess they harvest them in late autumn/early winter?

I sprouted some garlic cloves in my winter garden this year. Just stuck em into 2 liter bottles with the tops cut off and filled with dirt. The garlic is a foot tall right now, and looks to grow all winter for spring harvesting.

I've also got some chives out in my greenhouse that are flowering.

I would think onions of any kind would "fatten up" until their tops froze. Then, they'd start to rot to sweeten the soil for all the little onion sets that fell off the flower head to grow next spring.

I'm a Californian. We can grow stuff all year long; especially underground foods.
Bill Geist of CBS made fun of this guy. He takes people on tours of Central Park and shows them wild edibles. He got arrested once for eating the park. Now, the parks dept. has hired him to conduct the tours!

Geist, of course, covers the "weird" stories, like vacuum cleaner racing compititions, pumpkin chucking, etc.

I wish they'd handled the story with more respect. Lots of people eat wild foods.

Into The Wild

Thursday, October 30, 2003

It's Here

I'm officially sick. The back is much better, thank you.

I managed to bail the rest of the dirt out of the fifty gallon barrel, into a wooden packing crate planter I made. I did a load of laundry and watered the garden.

I wrestled my broken air conditioner out of its hole in my bedroom wall and covered the hole with nailed-on plywood. I'll stuff an old comforter, stuffed in a plastic trash bag, into the inside of the hole and seal it up with a picture.

Tomorrow is the last day of the month.

That means I have to decide: cave in, pay rent, and pray they'll make repairs. Or stick to my guns, withhold rent, remind them I sent a noncomplieance letter a month ago, and fight an eviction. Sigh.

The cold at night stiffens me. I have trouble warming my muscles enough so I don't get hurt.

I truly believe that, had there been a bannister on the stairs, as I've requested since before I signed the lease, I would not have hurt myself so bad, moving that barrel of dirt. I'd have had something to brace myself against, and a rail to hang on to, when lowering the barrel on the dolly.

So, I haven't decided what to do about the rent yet. I try writing; I try calling. They ignore the letters (one per month, included with the rent). When I call (about once a month), the voice is always put-out and impatient.

Whatever I do, I'll either be inconvenienced or out-right tortured for it. And it's their negligence. damn.
But I'm weak, very weak.

I still don't have a heater. It's above freezing, but there's a wind.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Handling Discounted, Outdated Meats

Most fresh foods which have been discounted because their "sell by" date has arrived are still safe to eat even as much as a week later.

But be careful.

Meats are the most problematic. They may have been left out of refrigeration while the butcher made way for fresher meats in the case. Bloods from one meat may have contaminated another in the discount bin, etc.

Beef is almost always the safest "old" meat. Slight browning is OK; that just means the water is beginning to evaporate from the blood. Green is NOT ok and neither is a filmy, rainbow-like, oily coating, like an oil slick. Check carefully for this film; if you see it, throw the meat back.

I highly recommend handling ALL meats at the store only while wearing plastic bags on hands. That way, you don't contaminate your hands, the shopping cart, your purse, your baby's bottle, etc. Bring along a bottle of waterless handcleaner which contains rubbing alcohol. WASH YOUR HANDS, before and after handling the meats!

Stay away from hamburger, unless it's completely red as far around the package as you can see. The bottom, on the styrofoam tray, should be alright, as it hasn't been exposed to air. Never buy hamburger which has a "sell by" date earlier than the day you see it.

Pork is problematic. Check for all cosmetic conditions as in beef. Salted porks, such as bacons and hams, are generally ok. Beware of sausage! I wouldn't buy old sausage, except links processed in a factory, and then only if the "sell by" date is the day I'm shopping or later.

Poultry spoils the fastest. And poultry blood can contaminate other meats easily. ONLY buy it if the ORIGINAL pricing label is on it, and it expired no later than the day you purchase it! I would never buy such things as ground poultry ("turkey burger," chicken sausage, etc.), even in patty or "nugget" form.

Always check dates, on all meats. Beware: these must not be re-stickered packages. The sticker should show the ORIGINAL price per pound, weight of item, and original sell-by date. If there's another sticker over the original, or if the butcher has obscured the original in any way, you CANNOT trust that butcher! Go to a different store!

NEVER buy "sell by" meats with sauces, seasonings and marinades that obscure your ability to see the meats clearly. Often, butchers will "season" old meat, repackage it with a new "sell buy" date, and make you sick as a dog!

Meats must NOT be stored in a hot car while shopping for something else! Don't buy them if you can't go home right away to process them! And don't buy more than you can store almost immediately!

Since I'm on the bus, I've learned a trick. I ask the fish monger for crushed ice. Be very careful of this ice: it is treated with inedible chemicals to prevent it from melting fast. It might also have fish blood in it. Double wrap any meats you put in this ice and tie knots in the bags, place knot-side up in the ice. I take a styrofoam cooler with me. But plastic grocery bags, doubled, will contain iced meats for about half an hour before leaking.

When you get them home, open packages and discard blood "diapers" IMMEDIATELY, inside a SEALED plastic bag. Throw ice in toilet or shower stall, so animals, kids and plants won't ingest it.

Rinse meats. Scrub with salt or soak in cold, salted water for awhile, in the refridgerator!

Some meats, particularly poultry and pork, taste good with a slight tang of vinegar. Soaking or wiping these meats with vinegar and then rinsing will prevent bacteria from breeding.

Cook as much as you can immediately. I often merely salt and pepper the meat and bake in the oven at 350 degrees farenheit until the internal temperature reaches 180.

I remove them and package them to freeze or refrigerate immediately.

Never mix meats when cooking. Cook pork with pork, chicken with chicken, turkey with turkey, etc.

Never store more in the refrigerator than can be safely consumed within three days. SEAL the meats in containers or plastic bags. Lids on cooking pots and foils on roasting pans allow bacteria to become air borne inside your refrigerator. They also spread odors.

WASH ALL SURFACES on which you've prepared meats with bleachy water. Wipe carving knives with bleachy water before cutting another food.

NEVER serve old meats rare.

One, last note: be aware of your surroundings in the grocery. Did the butcher throw a three-day-too-old package of fish or turkey burger on top of that steak you think looks good? Can you see old blood in the meat case? Can you see the butchers? Are they handling meats with gloves? Are they well groomed? What does the floor of the butcher department look like? Are large quantities of meat, that couldn't possibly be processed within the hour, laying out in the back at room temperature? What does the floor in front of the meat case look like? When you walked into the store, did you smell fish, or anything else that indicates mishandling foods, like a rancid grease smell or a rotting vegetable smell?

Stew For Breakfast

Last month, I found potatoes for less than ten cents a pound and bought thirty pounds.

2 weeks ago, while trash picking, I found two grocery bags' worth of canned foods.

This week, I found eye of round steaks marked down to less than two dollars a pound.


One can each: beef broth, chopped tomatoes, peas, greenbeans, corn

One small can tomato sauce

1/2 lb. meat

1/2 c rice

2 cloves fresh garlic

1/2 c diced onion

1 c diced potatoes

Water as needed.

Worchestershire sauce

2 tbsp. chili flakes

1 bay leaf

Italian seasoning or basil, rosemary, oregano to taste

Dash of wine or beer

Dash of salt

Simmer: tomatoes, tomato sauce, worchestershire, wine/beer.

Dice meat and add. Add potatoes, onion, garlic and seasonings.

Bring to boil, reduce to simmer.

Add rice.

Cook slowly until meat and potatoes are tender and rice is done.

Add vegetables, WITH juices in cans. Cook a few more minutes, to warm vegetables.


I hate canned vegetables. They're over cooked and salty. The only way I'll eat them is when they're mixed with something that tastes GOOD, like meatloaf or soups and stews.

I made a gallon of this stew. It cost me about two dollars, and it makes a minimum of eight meals. It's completely balanced, but I do toast some bread and smear with butter, mostly to mop the bowl. But the stew's so thick, it barely needs mopping.

THe meat is diced into 1/2 inch cubes, so it's dispersed evenly throughout and gives that satisfying mouth feel of chewing meat in every spoon full.

It freezes perfectly for later, too.

Monday, October 27, 2003


Something I'll never understand about people who criticize the poor. They have no concept of having no money!

When I said the free food pantry was a 3 mile walk from my house, a woman at church asked, "can't you take the bus?" Um, if I had a dollar for the bus, I'd just walk up to Wendy's 3 blocks away for a hamburger!

Another woman asks why, after a friend did so much for me, I didn't send her a bunch of my pumpkin candy, for free, for her to give to her office mates. Well, shipping heavy pumpkin candy for an office full of people would cost a minimum of ten dollars, for one thing. For another, they have JOBS; they could BUY my pumpkin candy, which is the POINT! Besides, I reimbursed her support by slipping light-weight, expensive items I've found in the trash with her crafts purchase.

Why don't I go to school for job training? And live, where? A cardboard box under the interstate?

I have to relate to people who piss away more on fast food in a month than I do for four months' groceries. They just CAN'T or WON'T see the difference! It's so frustrating.

I explain and explain, repeating myself until I wonder if anybody in this country has any reading comprehension left, and I'm expected to explain it again! Gimme a break! LOL

People think they have the right to criticize the most intimate aspects of my life because of my income: I should dye my hair, so the grey doesn't show; I should wear better looking shoes; I should throw out all my art supplies and tools, so my apartment won't look "so cluttered." I should, I should....

Hair dye costs money; my shoes come out of the trash; my art supplies and tools are how I earn money.

It's pretty freaky.

Here's A Secret For You

I wish Carol Mosley Braun had a real chance of being the next President of the USA.

Women of color have been cleaning up after greedy white men for centuries. It's not fair, of course, but they're damn good at it!

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Scooter Scoop

Scooter Scoop, by Rogi Riverstone

Good News/Bad News

Left on scooter about 9am. I'm going to have to figure out the air/fuel mix. Had a devil of a time starting it in the cold.

Good news: I can drive it to the Cultural Center.

Bad news: lost the kick stand and the throttle cable came undone.

Good news: when it's running well, as it was on the return trip, it takes about 1/2 hr, one way.

Bad news: it wasn't running well on the way, and I stopped and started too many times to repair things.

Good news: I make a lot of friends on that thing.

Bad news: I make a lot of friends on that thing.

EVERYBODY wanted to talk to me about it!! Especially men!

Good news: I can outrun dogs.

Bad news: dogs love to chase it.

Good news: I can carry about 20 lbs. on the handlebars, without the trailer

Bad news: I can't carry a drop more than that.

I think I'll just run it with the trailer from now on. It's a more stable ride, anyway.

Good news: I can drive up the bridges across the rail yard.

Bad news: until I can fix that brake, it's terrifying to drive DOWN the bridges across the rail yard.

I'm going to have to remember to detour the police station, court house, civic plaza down town; that's TOO scary!

As far as I know, this thing is considered a bicycle here and requires no special licences, etc.

But, apparantly, nobody here has ever seen one of these things before, and that includes cops, who might hassle me, just for being different and cuz they don't know WHAT to do.

Sure wish I knew where to buy a spare tire/wheel for it. I'll have to research it. I was swerving to avoid marble-sized gravel, pop tops and broken glass.

I even stopped at Stadium Grocery on my way back, even tho it's a little out of the way, just to see that I could do it. Got two 2 litre bottles of Coke for a buck each. I was so thirsty, I opened one out front, lit a cig, and drank it WARM!

It was about a 3 hr trip, but I got a lot more done than I do on my usual 3 hour run for cigs at the cultural center.

Once I get the kinks out of the air fuel deal and adjust the brake, I should be ok.

Gonna have to rig a new kick stand. I need a wind shield, too. and that back fender to protect skirts.

Right now, tho, I need me some pork, vegies and taters.

All day on an empty stomach!

Saturday, October 25, 2003


Oh, gawd, this hot chocolate is good! Warmed up two cups, while I was at it. Once I get into this toasy bed, I don't want to get back out.

The good thing about Porkchop sleeping at the foot is, he pushes all the feathers up onto my body.

I'm not kidding: it's so fluffy, my head looks like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae!


Man! It's COLD out there!~

I finished tightening the whole bike. The saddle was missing TWO nuts, so I took it off and put on a saddle from one of my bikes.

I'll take the saddle with me to a hardware store, to make sure I get the right thread.

I practiced driving it with Porkchop AND the trailer. Woulda been ok if these spoiled yuppies would keep THEIR dogs on leashes or behind fences, but there was a St. Bernard out there that Porkchop hates, so I brought him home.

I took a seatbelt strap off the stroller, threaded it through the front wheel and strapped it under the saddle. Has plenty of clearance. Works great.

Went to Smith's for milk. They had eye of round steaks marked down to less than two bucks a friggin pound!!! And their own, bakery hot dog buns & sunflower seed bagels, a buck a bag!

Stopped at Dollar Store for fix-a-flat and a tire guage. They haven't gotten their xmas overtime authorization yet, but she'll let me know as soon as the district office authorizes temp. employees for xmas.

This wind is merciless: cuts like a friggin knife.

I came home and ran to shut windows.

Usually, a trip to the store exhausts me. But I was back in less than an hour, still full of energy.

I baked, not broiled, all the meat (except one piece, about the size of my palm, which I fried in my cast iron skillet). I only cooked the meat part way through, with cajun seasoning and black pepper.

Put 4 in each of 2 zippy bags, well seperated, so I could fold the bag in 1/4ths, to freeze immediately. That way, I can take out an individual steak and do whatever the hell I want to with it.

I'm thinking steak sandwiches, with grilled onions...I'm thinking stir fry. I'm thinking steak carbonara with jalapenos. I'm thinking steak and spaghetti.. So, I got sixteen meals in the freezer.

Cut french fries on my mandolin and fried em in the Fry Daddy, buttered a hot dog bun, cut half the fried steak into strips. NICE! Very nice!

Means I've spent my after-Halloween cheap chocolate food stamps, but steak's much more important than chocolate! They both retail for 4-6 bucks a pound or so, but gimme protein! Winter's comin!

I hauled a log 18 inches long in and put it in my fire place. Made a "starter fire" to one side with a 3" log, kindling and newspaper. It's been burning for four hours now.

I brought my feather bed in off the clothesline, wrestled it onto the bed, zipped it into its cover, pulled the dog blanket and comforter back. I laid the feather bed on the top sheet and thin blanket and covered it with the other 2 blankets. My bed is so TALL!!! Looks like a friggin marshmallow!

I knew it was cold when no cats greeted me from te empty lot OR the yard when I got back. They were ALL curled up in the house!

Porkchop's a little scared of how tall and fluffy the bed is. When he walks on it, his feet sink in.

I'm under the covers. It's soooo comfortable. The feathers are heavy enough to conform to the contours of my body. My legs warmed up immediately under it. THis is a big deal: when my leg joints get stiff from the cold, I can't walk.

So, my house is warm. I baked taters, cooked frozen vegies in chicken broth, and baked another pork tenderloin yesterday. There's PLENTY of food cooked up to eat and frozen.

Tonight, I'll bake a chocolate cake, to warm the house. I'll ice it with cream cheese, butter and orange marmalade.

And I'll mix up a gallon of chocolate milk, to microwave with marshmallows or drink cold. I mix 8 teaspoons of instant coffee, cocoa to taste, sugar to taste and just a pinch of salt. Best damn hot chocolate on the planet! I have 3 gallons of milk; I can spare one.

It's so easy, after being in the cold, to just shake it up and microwave it. ..I think I'd better do that right now; talked my self into it....


Friday, October 24, 2003

No More Jobs

So, you really think you're superior to me because, for the moment, you have better employment and more toys than I?

Guess again.

No More Jobs


I know why I killed myself today.

At first, it was just a chore I needed to do out front, where I seldom go. Made sense to do it while waiting for FedEx & my scooter. Was afraid I'd miss their arrival, if I was in the house; certainly would if I'd been out back.

I needed that dirt, but not 'til spring. I neded to level the area for my zinc tubs, but not 'til spring. I want to put the tubs there so Raoul's friends can't piss under my kitchen window anymore, or peek in my kitchen window.

I wanted to get that dirt off those fence boards. I have enough problems; I don't need rotten boards Porkchop can break through. I don't need termites. And I don't need a handy nesting spot for sewer roaches. So, 2 feet of dirt had to go.

I was only going to fill a couple of 5 gal. buckets. I thought I can do a little at a time, over a long stretch, and get it all done by spring. But I don't know how much longer this unseasonably warm weather will last.

Then Joe, Raoul's "student" of drug addicted self endulgence showed up. AS I was stooping to get Porkchop's leash to pull Pork away from the path to Raoul's house, Joe said, "mind getting your dog, please?" all snotty and arrogant.

Then, Sandy, the sow in the basement, came up to snoop.

Well, that did it. I pay rent here, too. I have every right to utilize the property for non criminal purposes as anybody does.

Raoul, Joe and Sandy were acting like I'd violated some secret "rule," just because I was collecting dirt!

So, I got my fifty gallon trash barrel and my dolly and started in earnest.

I am angry and frustrated about Marianna's death and my position in it. I am angry about the flaming I've endured this week. Particularly some anonymous idiot who chose to use Marianna's death, and my pain, as an excuse to abuse me in my own forum. Kick 'em when they're down, huh? I'm angry that I've had to cut myself off from so much because I didn't have transportation.

So I dug, and dug, and dug, and dug.

I've got news for you drunken, lying, foul mouthed, ugly, deranged, useless junkies: you're going to be seeing a LOT more of me out front next spring!

YOU let all the plants and grasses die. YOU peed in the yard, dumped trash, washed your dishes on the path. YOU ruined a beautiful yard with your sickness and selfishness.

Next year, there WILL be grass to keep the dust and heat down. There WILL be marigolds to fend off the roaches you attract. There WILL be beauty and sanity in FRONT of my apartment! When people come to visit me, I don't want them to see the bleak sickness you spread.


I have the landlord's permission, already; I asked before I ever signed a lease.

Tonight, Sandy was COMPLAINING about my sunflowers in the back! She's afraid to walk in the alley, because of me! GOOD!

Raoul saw me and Porkchop coming up the alley the other day. He turned around and went back home, until I got in my yard. GOOD!

I'm glad I took Porkchop out front with me. They need to be reminded I'm not a victim. They NEED to be afraid of me!

I was crying yesterday, because of Marianna's death, out in my garden. I talked, out loud, to her for a long time.

I think I'm going to make more of a habit of talking aloud, "to myself," where they can hear me. Let them think I'm crazy; keeps me safe.

I talk to my animals. I talk to my plants and the critters in the garden. I say things I need to remember out loud; it's easier for me to remember something if I can remember the sound of my voice. Like, "don't forget the bleach," or "I need a phillips screwdriver." My mind is so occupied with stuff, and my memory's so bad, I discoverd this audio "PostIt note" helps me keep from chasing my tail, trying to remember stuff. I don't care if it sounds crazy. I'm too busy to write lists...and I'd forget where the list was, anyway!

So, I beat the crap out of their prejudice, pettiness and nastiness today, with a shovel. And I took back my rightful place here.

I'm not some vagrant who needs to hide from the neighbbors. I'm not doing anything criminal; THEY are!

I had laundry, hanging on the line. Raoul and Joe smoked SO much dope, my CLOTHES smell like WEED!

I have to go JOB HUNTING this week, on my new scooter! I don't NEED potential employees smelling WEED on my clothes!

Could smell it all the way into the alley! Cops pass my house in that alley, all the time, hunting hookers and dealers from the 2 story apt. bldg, down the alley. They'll think the smell is coming from MY yard!

So, I'm declaring war on my second class status. I have a right. I'm asserting it.

I have a right to a decent life. Get out of my way!

OH! For any small-minded bigots who think talking to animals, plants, birds, insects, etc. is "crazy," I have a bulletin. My neighbor, Kenneth across the alley and one down from Rowen, talks to ants and feeds them. He's Laguna Pueblo.

I talk to ants and feed them, too. Always have. And I avoid stepping on them. (See: "Surfari: Mind-Changing Bugs"). Oh, crap! Just went to find the link, and all my Surfaris are gone! They're moving everything to a new server. I hope they fix it SOON! Here's the Rogi Writes link. You can find it there once they finish moving everything over. DANG it!

For an agnostic skeptic, I sure am spiritual! LMFAO!

Big Job Ahead

Almost all the bolts have been loosened.

The lock bolt for elevating the seat doesn't function at all; I can't adjust the seat height, and it's too low right now to hitch the twin stroller on as a cart.

The brakes have been loosened. The front tire doesn't fit right on the fork and is rubbing against it.

I tightened everything as well as I could. But I don't have much strength in my hands and wrists, and I don't have large allan wrenches for some bolts.

I can't get enough torque, hand tightening, to really make the bike safe.

Even the handle bar post is crooked on the front wheel fork!

The moped shop can't help, as the allen wrench needs to be standard, and they only have metric.

It stalled out at the moped shop, but I think I put too much oil in; had trouble measuring.

I need to blow it out a bit more. I ran it up and down Silver St, because it's flat and has little traffic, and heard it start "clearing up" at full throttle.

There's a slight "miss;" I think I need to adjust the idle on the carb., but I'll wait 'til I blow it out some more.

Can't ride it, really, until I retighten all the damn bolts and adjust the damn brake.

Even "locking" bolts and bolts with lock washers are loose!

I basically have to reassemble the ENTIRE BIKE!~

Too tired today. Damn shame; I was hoping to go shopping tonight, and out for cheap cigs at the Pueblo Cultural Center tomorrow.

It'll be dark soon, anyway; couldn't get everything inspected and get there and back safely.

I was sent a detailed email today, warning me that the bolts may have loosened in shipping. I thought that was a bit strange, but what the hell?

I always safety check everything, anyway. Being a trash picker and owner of used things, I know about repairs and trouble shooting.

But the brake should work. That seems mighty suspicious.

Been noticing a LOT of activity from the ISP of the former owner and a "companion" who is coming to my 'hood blog from that ezboard where the seller called me a "fat bitch, welfare leech, 300 lb. Lesbian" and mocked "ebonic" speech, imitating me.

I suspect they're waiting to see if all the loosening has killed me yet.

I lost the reflector, even, because THAT nut was loose! Lost a nut on the damn SEAT!

Looks to me like the scooter has been sabotaged because the seller resented whom he "thought" was buying.

I don't know if the stall happened because: I put too much oil in the gas, the thing's too new, and flooded on its maiden voyage, or the engine has been "loosened," too.

I'll have to check every screw, nut and bolt from stem to stern tomorrow.

I'll need to build a "fender" over the motor and chain, so my skirts can't get caught. I need mirrors and heavy gloves.

I can't find my friggin motorcycle helmets! I had 2, from trash picking, but maybe they didn't get packed when I moved here. Damn shame; one had a snap on visor! Poop!

Gotta find my knee and elbow pads, too.

It's a lot of work, but I can do it.

It goes alarmingly fast at full throttle. Or maybe I've just been walking too many years.

Porkchop LOVES it! He knows EXACTLY how to keep pace. He's done this before! I thought he might be afraid of the noise, but HELL, no! It's music to his ears! LOL!

Scooter's Here!

It's assembled, but needs air in back tire. Some stuff is loose & I don't have proper "allen" type wrench, so I'll take it to the scooter store and ask if I can borrow a tool.

He wasn't kidding: it's showroom new.

I put the tire on backwards at first. Or, I had the handle bars backward.

Stu will be here in about an hour or so with cucumbers and gasoline. Maybe he can help me tighten stuff and pump the tire.


I dug out an old flower bed, out front, this morning, while waiting for the scooter. Dragged a 50 gal. trash barrel of dirt down the front sidewalk, down the stairs, down the street, and a neighbor's friend dragged it down the alley into the back.

The dirt was up against my front fence; I'm worried about rot and termites. And, in the spring, I'm planning to put my zinc tub plant containers out there, so might as well have it level.

The dirt is good: composted, loamy, sweet smelling. Perfect for planting. Already filled my old washer tub with dirt.

I'm ready for the hospital now, Mr. De Mille....

Scooter Photo

The item on which I bid is silver colored.

Scooter Description

Package is en route from Denver, as I write.
Description (revised)
Razorback 36 cc Gas Powered Scooter! Silver Colored - Used Twice! Extras!
Hello! You are bidding on a practically brand new Razorback 36 cc gas powered scooter.  It was used only TWICE before I had to leave for college and was not able to take it with me.
These are the specifications of the scooter along with an explanation of what all this stuff means below...
Features 36cc engine, gear reduction drive, standard rear mechanical drum brake and centrifugal clutch.
Specs: Mint Condition - Used Twice
Frame: Welded Steel for Strength and Durability
Brakes: Rear Drum Brake
Color Available: Silver
Engine: Mitsubishi Single Cylinder, Two Stroke, Air Cooling (36cc)
Cylinder Strokes: 36 x 32 mm
Speed: Up to 25 mph
Drive System: Chain Drive
Gas Tank: 1 Liter
Foldable: Yes
Starter: Pull Starter
Carrying Capacity: 350 lbs.
Spark Plugs: BM6A
Carburetor: Adjustable
Ignition: CDI
Throttle: Motorcycle Style Twist Throttle
Fuel to Oil Ratio: 32:1
Rated Power: 0.8 KW/7500 rpm
Ground Clearance: 5.5"
Tire Size: 9"
Folds Flat: Easy Storage
Centrifugal Clutch: for Safe Smooth Starting
Chain Drive: Makes Riding on a Dirt Road No Problem
Idles: at a Stand Still Unlike Other Scooters
What all this means?
-You've got a very strong scooter that I've only used twice =)
-The scooter idles at a stand still meaning that while the engine is running while it sits there, it won't try to move away from you. Other scooters tend to be directly driven and don't want to sit still.
-The scooter has two 9 inch wheels which can be used for street / off road use.
-A nice kill switch is located on the handlebars.. Need to stop?  Push the button and the engine literally dies instantly.
-Rear drum brake provides very fast stopping power.
-Folds flat - the scooter handlebars fold down and the seat is removable as well if you don't want to use it... It uses a quick lock system found on most modern day mountain bike wheels to hold the handlebards in place. It takes just a few seconds to flip the lever up or down and put the handlebars where you want them to.
-Motorcycle style throttle - pull it back and the scooter revs up... Makes controlling the throttle easy. Much better than having some annoying foot�push switch. You wouldn't want that with a gas scooter either =P

Along with the scooter - I've got a brand new air pump used for filling the tires if they get low.  Also included are two spare bottles of 2 cycle oil as well as a slightly larger contained which has a mixing container built it.  You simply pour the oil through the same container and it pools into the top and gives you the perfect amount to pour into a 1 gallon gas tank to get the best mixture possible.

Shipping cost is $45.00 dollars (includes insurance, delivery confirmation etc..) to any of the lower 48 states..� Alaska / Hawaii excluded from those of course as stated.� Will not ship out of country.� I can't ship to California as well because these things apparently aren't legal there! (sorry!) Shipping will be through Fed-Ex for a reliable delivery.
Shipping and payment details
Shipping and handling: US $35.00�(within United States)
Buyer pays for all shipping costs Shipping insurance: Included in shipping and handling cost

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Answering Scooter Boy's Questions

It's all in the blogs.

I apply for work every week: send resumes online, answer classifieds, etc.

I go trash picking one morning a week, for apx. 2 or 3 hours.

I sell some of what I find and make arts and crafts to sell from other stuff.

Your taxes do not pay my SSDI; I paid it from payroll deductions. The "I" is for "insurance." If someone is in an auto accident, and the insurance company covers the purchase of a new car, nobody complains. I get MS after working 30 years, and I'm treated like scum.

I paid for the webtv selling trash picking. For the first few months, I paid the monthly fee selling trash. After that, I wrote for net4tv Voice internet magazine, and that paid for it.

My disability is remitting/recurring multiple sclerosis. I am constantly in pain. For months at a time, I can not see nor walk well enough to leave my home.

My webtv is my source of: emergency shopping, selling my arts and crafts, having a social life, accessing resources, etc.

The bus costs a dollar. That's 2 dollars for one round trip to the library to use the internet. I can only use the internet for one hour at a time there, and must sign up to use it and wait my turn. That's half a day for one hour. And I can not email or do online shopping, banking or anything like that. I can only use it for library RESEARCH.

My pets are my companions, a source of great comfort, affection, amusement and protection for me. They can see and hear what I can't. Mental health studies show disabled and elderly people are healthier and happier, whether living alone or in convelescent facilities, with pets.

I go hungry before they do. However, there is an animal rescue organization which will provide food if I need it. I rarely ask, however. They also help with veterinary bills. I rescue ferrel, stray animals. They know this. That's what they do: get strays off the streets. My animals don't breed, spread diseases, attack people or starve on the streets. Like me, they were rejected and unwanted.

I push strollers, Patrick. I have a standard stroller, which folds, that I can take on the bus. I have the twin-sized "jogging" stroller, with rubber tires, when I don't take the bus. I also have a 30 gallon, molded plastic trash barrel with a lid which I sometimes take, especially if the weather's bad, on the bus: it weighs nothing, carries a lot, and fits on a bus seat easily.

I do physical work for about an hour at a time. Then, I have to sit or lie down for an hour or two.

My day begins at 5am and ends at midnight. I sometimes take a nap for an hour or 2 in the middle of the day.

I have to; my strength runs out, my eyesight goes bad, the pain gets too hard to continue physical work.

So, I come in here, lay on the bed with my keyboard, and work on the internet.

I have a job, working for one of the sites listed on my blogs, promoting their web site. I go to usenet groups. I research places to add the site's link, etc., to get the web site more exposure.

It's only about 4 or 5 hours per week. I was paid in advance.

My arts and crafts ARE a job. I spend about 5 hours a week on them, too.

My gardening is done for the season. The greenhouse was a lucky fluke and had to be completed before cold weather.

I grow my own food; I make bird houses from the gourds; I sell seeds and herbs.

But I haven't earned over $10/month recently, because I had no way of transporting my stuff to the flea market. That's why I was walking in the hot sun every day for 2 miles, trying to sell outside the grocery.

When I apply for jobs, they ask all about the disabilities, but not about the skills. I rarely get even an interview; they shoot me down over the phone.

How do they know I'm disabled? First question they ask about my application is: "how come you haven't worked for so long?"

I didn't say I'd only take a writing job; those were the reporter's words. I said I don't think, as sick as I am, that I'm good at anything BESIDES writing.

And I DON'T have an undiagnosed physical condition, as the reporter said. I've had THREE diagnoses, by THREE different doctors. Only one of those was tested, inconclusively. Medicare and MediCaid won't pay for the diagnostic tests. Therefore, I receive no treatment, prescriptions, dental, eye care, disabled ride services, etc. I'm shut out.

I'm all I've got. I have no close friends here and no family. I haven't been able to get out at night or on weekends to meet people.

I'm doing the best I can with what I've got.

I left home at 17 because my father had been molesting me and my mother was having psychotic episodes and trying to kill me.

Scooter Boy

If you want to know about me, perhaps you ought to read my blogs.

If you had, you would know:

I'm not a Lesbian.

I don't weigh 300 lbs.

I do work.

I do seek employment.

I EARNED the disability benefits and food stamps I receive; I have been employed for over 30 years.

I have multiple sclerosis and am: physically disabled, nerve damaged, partially blind.
and every time I get on that scooter, to look for work, to volunteer in community service, to take my dog to the vet, to buy groceries, to sell my arts and crafts at the flea market, to go to church....

...I will remember being called a "fat bitch leech" by you.

I have spent the day working very hard to get ready to go job hunting on that scooter. I have also spent the entire day crying.

I will owe the bank that money for a long time; they'll charge me $15/mo. to borrow my own money from the following month's disability check. That's $180 in service charges for a year.

I took a big risk, buying that scooter.

I did it because winter's coming and I'm going out of remission. Even if I weren't getting sick again, it would be very hard for me to walk around in the cold at this 5,000 ft. above sea level altitude.

So, I took the gamble.

I want to get job training and employment.

I can't do that right without some form of transportation.

So, I will remember the hateful things you've said about me, everytime that scooter is between my legs.

And I will do great things with nothing, as usual.

Where ever I am, things are better: gardens grow, art appears, music fills the air, delicious smells come from the kitchen, children are educated and nurtured, the destitute receive respect and help, animals are rescued and given sanctuary.

And you will still be mocking people's differences, tearing people down for things they can't help, causing pain.

I'll remember you. My whole life is about resisting the destruction and sickness you try to cause.

And I'll ride as far away from your damage as I can on that cheap, toy scooter.

But first, I'm washing the whole scooter down with herbal waters, to try to cleanse the stench of you off it.

HTML Source, ezboard

"I sold a scooter to a homeless bum"


eBay Privacy Agreement:

5. Your Use of Other Users' Information.

In order to facilitate interaction among all eBay community members, our Site allows you limited access other users' contact and shipping information. As a seller you have access to the User ID, email address and other contact and shipping information of the buyer or winning bidder(s), and as a buyer or winning bidder you have access to the User ID, email address and other contact information of the seller.

By entering into our User Agreement, you agree that, with respect to other users' personal information that you obtain through the Site or through an eBay-related communication or eBay-facilitated transaction, eBay hereby grants to you a license to use such information only for: (a) eBay-related communications that are not unsolicited commercial messages, (b) using services offered through eBay (e.g. escrow, insurance, shipping and fraud complaints), and (c) any other purpose that a user expressly agrees to after you tell them the purpose you would like to use it for. In all cases, you must give users an opportunity to remove themselves from your database and a chance to review what information you have collected about them. In addition, under no circumstances, except as defined in this Section, can you disclose personal information about another user to any third party without our consent and the consent of that user. You agree that other users may use your personal information to communicate with you in accordance with this Section. Note that law enforcement personnel, VeRO program participants, and other rights holders are given different rights with respect to information they access.

eBay and our users do not tolerate spam. Therefore, without limiting the foregoing, you are not licensed to add an eBay user, even a user who has purchased an item from you, to your mail list (email or physical mail) without their express consent. To report eBay related spam to eBay, please contact us using our webform.

I want a FORMAL APOLOGY from this seller, posted in the forum in which he abused me. I want my photo and personal info removed from that forum.

I want him to lose his seller's priviledges at eBay.

I WILL retain an attorney and sue him for slander if these conditions aren't met!

If he has broadcast my personal information to any other sources, public or private, I want those retracted, too, and apologies to me left their place.

This is a place of business.


He has posted misinformation about me on a public board, including my photo.

This is a neoNazi group.

He is making racist, sexist, homophobic statements about me and mocking my disability and poverty.

He has posted my photo. I am afraid for my safety. Comments re: "Nazis taking care of me."

He knows where I live.
Saved e-mail message

From: (Rogi�Riverstone)
Date: Wed, Oct 22, 2003, 2:12pm
To: privacy@ebay.com
Subject: seller violated my privacy


He has posted misinformation about me on a public board, including my photo.

This is a neoNazi group.

He is making racist, sexist, homophobic statements about me and mocking my disability and poverty.
to ezboard Inc. legal dispute email form:

I bought a motor scooter from this guy from eBay. He's now posting my photo, personal info about me and racial, sexist, homophobic epithets, as well as slanderous and libelous statements about my disability and income.

I think the board has been removed/deleted, but I have kept the HTML source code of the entire thread.


When I lived in Louisville, KY I had mopeds, twice.

I'm very much looking forward to having this new scooter I bought on eBay.

I drag home 50lb sacks of dog food at times. I buy groceries, on sale, in bulk. Why buy 4 cans of, say vegetables for a dollar, when I can get 24 cans? They don't go on sale that often, so I stock up.

The problem, of course, is dragging it home on a bus, in a stroller, in so much pain I have to spend the rest of the day in bed.

The bus to Stadium Grocery only runs every 40 minutes. If I get my transfer connections wrong, if there's a glitch, my transfer could run out, and I'd better have another dollar on me to pay another bus fare.

I can't work nights, because there are no busses. Can't go to astronomy star parties, university lectures, or any other social gatherings, either.

Can't read my poetry at slams.

So, a motor scooter changes all that.

An electric scooter can't carry all the extra weight. I weigh 180 lbs. The max weight on most electric scooters is about 200. Can't bring much with me.

But a gas scooter carrys a max. of 300 to 350 lbs.

I have my "jogging stroller." It's built for twins. It's a light-weight, hollow aluminum frame with a molded plastic shell, big enough for twins. It's on 3 bicycle tires.

The front tire has one of those "flip" type connectors and can be removed from the fork. I can attach the fork to the seat bar of the scooter. The stroller will roll behind the scooter like a little "trailer." It will swivel when I turn, so it's stable, but won't tip over.

I did this before with the frame of a 3-wheeled adult cycle. But it was much heavier; the frame of the cycle was steel.

With this scooter, I can sell at the flea market. I can go job hunting farther than a mile's walk, later or earlier than the busses run, off bus routes, etc.

I've driven my mopeds in Louisville through ice storms that completely bottle-necked automobile traffic. I just put my feet on the ground for more stability and gently work the throttle. Passed every car on the streets!

Now, I still can do nothing about the prejudice of employers. They ask why I haven't been working. I explain that I have multiple sclerosis (the latest of 3 diagnoses, unverified by tests Medicaid & MediCare won't pay for), but that I'm strong, hard-working, etc.

The last employer was the manager of a donut shop, about 4 blocks from here. I guess he "moonlights" as an orthopedist or neurologist, because he was so sure I couldn't do the job. And humiliated me in front of a store-full of customers, just for good measure. I'm BEGGING for a graveyard shift donut-baking job, and have to lick his hole?

I left in tears. It's so frustrating. I send resumes every week for writing jobs I find online. I call about jobs I see in the Classified Ads every week. They won't give me an interview, let alone a job.

It's very demoralizing. I KNOW I can work! I WANT to work; I NEED to work. But prejudice rules and I'm left to fend for myself.

I've worked my whole life. I guess that's why I'm so committed to making, growing, recycling things. It's why I'll work myself into so much pain I can't walk to the bathroom.

MAYBE, just maybe, when this scooter comes, I can get some sort of part-time, "Christmas" work for a couple of months. That SHOULD give me a decent, local reference, so I can try to find something better, early next year.

I'm also applying with dept. of rehabilitation. I live close to the voc. college. I'd like to take some computer classes. I seem to be good at HTML and internet stuff.

With the scooter, I can haul heavy books the 6 or so blocks to school, without wearing myself out. Save my strength for learning.

I have fantasies, since I ordered that scooter, of putting up and down the shops on Central Ave. in Nob Hill and getting a job.

I've had to adapt my lifestyle to being in pain, being weak, being dizzy, having difficulty walking. Cracks in sidewalks hurt me. I can't see well at night, and the gravel, broken bottles, uneven pavement cause me to fall. On a scooter, those tiny flaws won't hurt me; I can pass right over them. Slowly, but I can go out at night.

Imagine: Milk is on sale at Smith's this week. But it's a 2 mile walk, round trip, and takes about 2 hours. I come home exhausted. If the scooter really arrives on Friday, I can just "zip" over there and back in about half an hour, without pain!

I saw the milk sale and said to myself, "yeah, but don't walk all the way there, just for MILK!" And then I remembered the scooter! And I could buy several gallons of that heavy stuff, because it won't hurt my shoulders and arms, lugging it home!

Which reminds me: I'd better walk down to the 7/11 gas station today and get some gasoline. They guy I'm buying this from says it comes with some bottles of 2-cycle oil.

Another neat thing: I'm now living 4 blocks from a scooter dealer. He does repairs. That means I can score parts, tires, accessories (I bet it'll need mirrors), etc. to repair the scooter myself, without much hassle.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Herb Garden

This is just for starters, but it's important to start valuing herbs. They're cheap medicines which one can grow for one's self. And they smell good. And they sell!


Drug Deal Tomorrow, Raoul's Place

Joe and his girlfriend, Sarah, were just here. Seems Raoul didn't score their "bud" for today's pick up. He promises to have it tomorrow though.

Raoul returns from work at apx. 8:30 am. He sometimes remains up for a couple of hours, but usually goes right to bed.

If he stays up, he'll nap 'til about 3pm. If he goes to bed, he'll sleep 'til about 1pm.

I'm guessing Joe will be by in the afternoons; it's hard to wake Raoul when he's inside sleeping with the air conditioner on.

So, APD, here's a chance to get Raoul, if you want him. Sure wish you would. I don't want to live next to him; I deserve better.

Remember: when a fellow officer gets shot at night, it'll probably be Raoul working on him or her.

Oh, and another thing: my neighbor's cat, Bug Eyes, was out there on her steps, wanting to get back in.

Joe and Raoul assumed it was my cat and jokes about anthrax and other poisons followed.

Final Note: I am not a narc under normal circumstances. A person's recreational drug use is none of my concern. Unless they MAKE it my concern. Neither Raoul's nor Joe's drug use is recreational. Both are unhealthy people. Raoul is down-right dangerous, and needs to be stopped. Raoul is out of control. There's nothing recreational about it.

I MUST Be Crazy!

I went out there and sanded & painted the greenhouse. Not just the windows, not just the brown pickets, but the refrigerator case, too. It's all white now.

As soon as it's dry...which will probably be ten minutes, in the bright, dry Albuquerque sun, I'll scrape the windows of excess paint.

Got paint on my denim "prairie" skirt and on me, of course, so I took a "bath" outside with paint thinner. Got every SPOT of paint off my skirt, and treated some grease stains, too, while I was at it.

Picked everything up, stripped on my porch to let the thinner evaporate outside, ran in and showered. AHHHHH! Hot water: best thing ever for sore muscles.

See, last night, the Loud Lesbian pulled up in the alley behind Rowen's wall. Seems we have the same landlord, and LL is being threatened with eviction for piles of wood and junk at her place.

So, she'd brought a ripped-up, upholstered easy chair to dump in the alley behind Rowen's, right in my line of sight, thank you very much. I'm going to ask Rowen if I can take it all apart. It's got pretty, turned wood on it and it's on a swivel base, which would be excellent for a big tub of plants which need turning for full sun exposure.

Well, Loud Lesbian, it seems, was whining to Rowen about my greenhouse, my wooden packing crate planter, and my washing machine planter (the last, by the way, is cleverly disguised so it doesn't look like crap). Basic translation: how come THAT's ok with the landlord, and not LL's junk collection?

I didn't hear that part. All I heard was Rowen, saying "she" and "refrigerator."

I put Porkchop in the house and went out to the alley.

"Are you saying something nice about me, Rowen?"

Rowen explained she was bragging about how beautiful has been the garden I scratched out of the empty lot, and about how clever and resourceful she thought me, for converting a hazard and eyesore, that old refrigerator and those ugly windows, into such a pretty greenhouse.

Frankly, I think the only reason the landlord hasn't whined is that he never comes to the back of the property...and rarely to the front!

Loud Lesbian told me once to shut up, when I was standing on the sidewalk in front of the Peace & Justice Center. I was bragging and whooping to a Navajo garage band about how excited I am that I have a scooter coming.

LL: "shhhh! They're on a spiritual journey inside!"

Me: "So am I!"

Loud Lesbian has no such compunctions when it comes to screaming outside my bedroom window, however, and scaring the snot out of me.

Anyway, the greenhouse will be finished when I scrape the windows.

When I went out there at dawn to turn off the lamps, the thermometer read 80 degrees. It couldn't have been more than sixty, outside: down right chilly.

If Loud Lesbian goes to the landlord and whines, "how come SHE gets to have stuff outside HER place, and I DON'T," I'll have to confront her.

Basically, LL, the difference is that I don't just have a pile of junk and weeds outside my place. I didn't leave building materials and busted down washer parts lying around. It's neat, it's clean, it's attractive, it's useful.

So, shut up; I'm on a spiritual journey.

ps: I am not using the word, "Lesbian," as some sort of epithet or put down. She's a Lesbian; I don't know her name. I could have IDed her by physical description, but if one of her friends reads this and reports back to her, she could make my life miserable.

I could easily, and frequently, been IDed in the past as Loud Lesbian, and probably was. I would not have resented it. I probably called myself that, from time to time.

Now, however, I'm more a Boistrous Bisexual.

Monday, October 20, 2003


The city cut tree limbs this summer, if they were interfering with utility wires.

I hitched up my dog and cart, every morning while it was still cool. I wore heavy gloves.

I gathered all the logs. The city had cut them into 1-foot (or so) lengths, perfect for firewood.

As I walked along, pushing piles of logs, people laughed at me. One called me Paul Bunion. Another kicked over the cart, spilling logs into the street. They called me "crazy."

When I saved clear, vinyl shower curtains from other people's trash, a guy passing me on a bicycle called me, "crazy."

When the neighbors across the alley from me renovated their rental property, they put in new windows. I found broken windows in the alley. I asked their son if he'd store them carefully for me, so I could have them. He did it. But later, when someone tried to break into their house and I called to let them know, he called me "crazy."

When the landlord at the 2 story apartment building down the alley from me left a refrigerator, with the doors still on it, in the alley, I got my dolly and tools. I removed the doors and shelves. I dragged it onto my place. Two residents at that building called me "crazy."

When I found a feather bed stuffed into a trash barrel, I put it in my cart to bring home for washing. Two kids playing on the sidewalk called me "crazy."

Natural gas prices are going up this month by nearly 100%. I haven't heard when they'll go back down.

I now have a greenhouse for winter produce.

I now have enough firewood for bitter winter nights.

I now have sheet plastic, insulating my windows, but letting in light for my windowsill winter garden.

Now, I have a thick, feather cover for my winter bed.

They'll pay a fortune for heat and fresh produce this winter.

And I'm crazy?

Snobbery Abuse

A member of sustainable cough living writes:

Derek: "The first one suggested that we must a) read a specific
article in an Albuquerque newspaper, and b) respond in a specific

You teach language. The above statement is not based on reality. Nowhere in my posts will you read anything like what you've said. Either you didn't read me well, or you are fabricating and attributing motives. If the latter, I would suggest to you that this is a sustainable living mail group. It's not a competitive debate society, in which unsubstantiated accusations and attributions qualify as "winning" something.

I simply tried to share what I thought was good news. Not specifically MY good news, but good news for our entire community.

How often are there articles in the paper about people who are actively living a sustainable lifestyle? Especially, how often are there such articles written specifically about citizens of Albuquerque? Is this not a good and constructive thing?

As to response, there was NO response. No well wishes, no commentary, no acknowledgement, at all!

Sorry I don't have a degree, a credit card, connections and all the other trappings which "prove" one's validity. I am a good person, and this list is treating me like a pariah.

I doubt, from the replies I've seen, that you would, stripped of your priviledges, be capable of surviving with much dignity, grace, integrity or purpose, if at all.

I've asked for nothing but acknowledgment that OUR work, OUR efforts, OUR commitments were broadcast to the larger community by a local, commercial news outlet! Speaking of JOY!

I'm sorry I didn't get the "secret handshake," so I'd be permitted to dialogue with you without overt hostility, disinformation, condescension and prejudice.

I didn't realize "Sustainable" living was a secret society. I thought it was a social commitment, to improve all our lives.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Sociopathic Depravity

Raoul Nieto is a very sick person. He's addicted to both alcohol and cocaine, and smokes amazing amonts of marijuana.

He is a surgical nurse at UNM hospital. He drinks and smokes every afternoon until he literally sounds developmentally disabled. He SCREAMS! Then, he sleeps for 2 or 3 hours, gets up, does a few lines of coke to wear off the effects of the weed & beer, and goes to work all night at the hospital.

He worked on that lady cop whom some mentally ill guy shot in the head with her own gun. He described her condition to his drinking "buddies" in graphic detail. It's amazing she is alive, let alone speaking, especially since Raoul was responsible for her care.

Yesterday, Joe came over. Joe is a wet-behind-the-ears martial arts "student." He used to live in a basement apartment in this building. He got fired from his job as a lifeguard, caring for peoples children, at The Beach Waterpark. He failed the drug test. He is "studying" to join the CIA. Yeah, right! If he can't be trusted with civilian children in a relatively-safe environment, I SERIOUSLY doubt the CIA would let him be responsible for their LIVES, under hostile and dangerous circumstances!

Well, Raoul got to bragging to Joe about his most recent exploit. It was literally all I could do to keep from going to his apartment and slapping the SNOT out of him for it! I'm STILL angry about it, and plan to call the police and the American Cancer Society first thing tomorrow morning.

We recently had The Race For A Cure: a run/walk to raise money for breast cancer research.

My mom had a radical mastectomy 20+ years ago. My grandmother died of breast cancer about 10 years ago. That means I have bad odds, at best.

Raoul drove down the street, at midnight, after the race. He saw a table on a street corner. He described it as 8' long, weighing about 50 lbs., good for a massage table. He stole it. He put it in his SUV and took it to his storage unit.

He STOLE from women fighting cancer!

I'm trying REALLY HARD not to go over there and CASTRATE him.

What a sick, sorry, cowardly, self-centered, evil, irredeemable, hateful, cruel, depraved idiot!


And he's my next door neighbor, playing with open flames and with electrical appliances and water, right next door to me.

Oh! In case you're wondering, yes, I HAVE ratted him out, to three different parties. I've told the police. I've told the property management company. I've told the hospital.

I hear every perverted "thought" that comes out of his head. So, I know all about him. He fakes urine tests. And, the hospital's desperate for nurses, especially special skills nurses, especially graveyard shift.

He blasts his music and screams for awhile, then turns down the volume and shuts up. So, by the time the cops get here, they're thinking "whoever" called them must be "crazy."

He runs this place like a prison; he intimidates those neighbors, like me, whom he can't buy with beer, food, drugs and money. My other neighbors aren't going to complain to the mgmt. company. And the mgmt. company doesn't believe me. Of course not; that would mean trying to rent out that rat hole he lives in. It has no kitchen; Raoul "washes" his dishes in a bucket, with a garden hose, on the foot path in front of our apartments. Another reason I try not to walk out front!

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Nurturing Myself

I slept and slept, both yesterday and late into the morning. It took a bit of practice to get out of the bed.

Made a pot of my "cheater" coffee: the $1/can of cheap, generic crap with the yellow label with 1/4 can of good beans, ground and mixed into it. It's quite satisfying; I save money, but don't feel deprived of good-flavored coffee.

Fried some bacon ends & pieces. I get 3 lbs. for $3, and it's Farmer John: mapley, smokey, meaty chunks... not just fat and salt. Fried an over easy egg. Warmed up a cheese Danish from the 1/2 price box I bought on trash day. A most satisfying, flavorful and decadent breakfast. It's so nice to eat as much as I want of something, now and again, and not feel guilty. I ration food; I'm afraid to eat too much and have to go hungry at the end of the month. But I make myself one big breakfast each week. I have ten 1-lb boxes of cereals to eat; paid a buck each for them.

I decided I HAD to work today, in spite of the pain...or maybe because of it. I washed my Hoby sail with a blue plastic kids' tent I use to cover the washer. I washed work towels. I washed my bed cover. Two loads.

I'm hoping to slowly strip the bed for the rest of the day & put clean linens on it. My arms are so sore, it's going to hurt to shake pillows out of cases and tuck in sheets.

I watered my garden as I washed clothes, of course. The plants in the green house are very happy; some are recovering from the traumas of summer and are looking plump and glossy again.

Porkchop and my cats "helped," of course. So did my neighbor's cat, whom I call Bug Eyes.

I listened to Folk Roots on KUNM as I worked. Folk and classical music are the BEST for chores!

Straightened up the yard a bit.

Then, I started a pot of potatos to boil and put one of my $1/lb pork tenderloins in a bread pan and sprinkled Cajun seasoning and lemon pepper on it. I baked it an hour. I put a pan of mixed vegetables in a can of chicken broth in, too.

I made gravy with the pork juice and broth. I mashed the potatoes.

I ate about four bites of pork with a HUGE pile of taters and vegies. I ate the pork last. It's a trick: I don't load up on meat, but on meat-flavored carbs and vegies. I eat the meat LAST to trick my mouth into thinking it ate a whole pig. I still have the sensation of that pork on my tongue and upper pallet. Feels like I ate a LOT of meat. I could have eaten that whole tenderloin in one sitting. Thought about it, too. I've got 2 more in the freezer.

But I need that meat to last until the 8th of next month. I still have some frozen "dog food" burger, some fresh burger, too.

I've got $10 food stamps left. I'm trying REALLY HARD not to spend it this month. On November 1st, Halloween chocolate will go on sale at deeply discounted prices.

I HATE Wal*Mart. But they've put in a super center about 3 miles down the road and not far from the bus stop. Super center means they have a grocery dept. now. That means, they are REQUIRED to accept food stamps. No super center? No foodstamps, even though all wal*marts sell food items.

So, I'll go on Nov. 1st and buy as much chocolate as I can to freeze for baking, fudge making, etc. That way, neither wal*mart nor the chocolate manufacturers make any money off of me, and I don't have to feel guilty about the child slaves, because I'm not paying for their exloitation.

I rarely just buy a chocolate bar to eat "straight." Too expensive. But chocolate mixed with marshmallows is fudge. There's cookies. There's popcorn, pretzels and nuts, drizzled with chocolate. There's chocolate crepes with cream cheese. There's chocolate dipped frozen bananas....you get the picture.

Halloween is the first of my "chocolate holidays" for the year, the last being Easter.

So, I'm rationing my food very carefully this month for chocolate, next month and December for cheap: turkey, ham and, if I'm extremely lucky, prime rib. Also, Nov. and Dec. are good months to buy: powdered, brown and cane sugars, candied fruits, corn syrup, and lots of other baking goods.

Seems the only home cooking people do anymore is for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. Stores will have sales on baked goods, to get guilty working mothers into the stores. And I'll stock up for the year.

So, for 3 months, I'll be stretching everything as hard as I can, so I can get supplies for next year and also get some TREATS!

Prime rib is my favorite, 4 legged food. Duck and goose are my fav. 2 legged...sometimes, THEY go on sale in winter! Turkeys will be so cheap in a few more weeks!

So, I'm eating up everything I can from my reserves, rather than buy anything new. I hope to have the freezer emptied of that last meat, the frozen breads, the strawberries I rescued from the trash last year. I want that freezer emptied for expensive meats. Sure wish I had another refrigerator. Utilities are included here, and it's winter, so it wouldn't need MUCH electricity under my shade tarps.

ANYway, I sure made a kick butt dinner tonight, and everybody got a taste of mashed taters and gravy. I've got enough left for 5 more meals.....and the whole thing cost me about $2.00!

Make Your Own Pruno

....although, why someone would want to is anybody's guess.

I still don't get the catsup....


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Black Table


The Can-Bottle

I have terrible news for you.

Back in the mid 1980s, I was surveyed by one of those marketing groups in a shopping mall.

We were asked about this very can/bottle.

I thought it was packaging genius, and enthusiastically supported the concept. I did so for the following reasons:

It still fit in a standard can vending machine, store shelf.

It was resealable; unlike a can, if one can't finish the soda, one can screw the top on and save it for later.

It still fit a "beer huggy," car cup holders, and the indents on ice chests.

It could be cleaned and reused to hold other things: nails, beans, cocktails, marbles, dimes, baking soda, etc.

It was still aluminum and, therefore, completely recyclable.

For many years, I've wondered, off and on, what happened to that brilliant bottle/can (cottle? ban? battle? con?).

I since realized 2 things which probably prevented its use in the USA.

First, American consumers don't like radical changes in items they use regularly.

But second, and more insideous, American consumers buy stuff all the time which they can't use up, eat, drink at a single sitting. Coke would prefer you throw away the remainder in the can. After all, it's only flavored sugar water; it costs them almost nothing to produce. They want you to buy ANOTHER can, not finish later the one you already bought.

I gave up on that can/bottle, although it would have a million uses in my own house (extra gasoline for the motor scooter, powdered sugar shaker, collector of old bacon grease, etc.).

Perhaps it will return to our shores. There are a lot more Asians that Americans; they may adjust their packaging because of that.

BRING BACK THE CATTLE!... or is it the bon?

The Bottle-Can

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The Bottle-Can (Taipei Times article)