Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, March 01, 2008

"Bodies" at Coronado Mall protest

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I belong to a social group. SOMEBODY had the brilliant idea to see the "Bodies" exhibit. I posted some links & pasted in some stuff from some news stories in a message to her. I also posted it on the group's forum. All I got was crickets.

Then, the UNM Peace List sent this out. So I went back to that group's website, to post the following.

The event has disappeared from the group's calendar. I NEVER heard from anybody there about it.

I wanted to go protest on my own, but was afraid of cops.

I hope I can attend this. WHAT have we COME TO, that the unconsenting DEAD are ENTERTAINMENT for us?????

From the UNM Peace List:

Protest this grave human rights violation in Albuquerque!

The Bodies Human group is showing an exhibit of
plastination of real bodies at the Coronado Center at the
moment. This exhibit is an off-shoot of the better known
Bodies—The Exhibit. The organisers of these exhibits admit
they get the very human bodies that they incorporate into
their exhibits from China but they are not willing to
produce either death certificates or informed consent
forms from the “donors.” This fuels the suspicion that has
already spread internationally that these bodies are very
likely those of executed political and religious
dissidents that the Chinese authorities have sold for
profit to the organisers. If you want more background
information on this, visit http://absnews.go.com/2020, a
link to a 3-month long investigation by the 20/20 team of
journalists. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the
box “20/20 Extra” and click on the second video from the
left called “Exclusive: inside the Bodies Exhibit.”)
Further information about the exhibit is on the
http://nobodies4profit.org site. As of today, the organisers of
the Albuquerque exhibit have not responded to requests for
proper information on the bodies they are using.

If you are as outraged about this as we are, this is what
you can do:
• Inform yourself
• Send an email supporting the petition against this and
any other similar exhibits
Send an email to Amanda Lo at aelo@salud.unm.edu
Write “I protest The Bodies Human exhibit” in the subject
You can leave the message box blank or include any
questions about the protest or offers of help in this
• Watch out for an email early next week about details of
a demonstration in front of the exhibit planned for next
• Tell your friends
• Write letters to the editors of the Albuquerque

Several UNM groups have already signed on to this protest,
amongst others AMSA (the medical student association), the
Peace Studies Department, and Amnesty International UNM.

Go well
Ilse Biel
Peace Studies