Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

so, Rachel's trying to extort me for half the cleaning deposit

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deposit Reply

Rogi Riverstone to Rachel, (bcc:Paul)

I have 2 witnesses to the fact that I hired a cleaning person: Paul
Ingles and Megan Kamerick.

Paul, in addition, HELPED me: sweep, vacuum, mop and oil the floors.

I have half a dozen witnesses to the fact that the apartment was clean
when I vacated it. Anybody could have moved in immediately. I even
dusted windowsills, cleaned out the floor furnace (which was dirty
when we moved in), cleaned the refrigerator and the oven. Not one inch
of that apartment -- inside, outside or garage -- was left in
substandard condition.

Paul took pictures, WITH the day's newspaper in each photo; email him
for copies.

Two neighbors: Bert, who lives behind 3829 Thaxton and Tim, who takes
care of Kyoko's place, next door, are witnesses to the fact that the
outside grounds were completely clean, raked, free of debris. BOTH
were VERY impressed with how much better the place looked when I moved
out than it had looked when we moved in.

The only items I left on the property were: cleaning tools & supplies,
a waste basket, a milk crate, a 5 gallon bucket, towels to protect the
floors, items that were on the property when we rented it (some got
thrown away) and a small computer monitor (given the washer -- which
Katherine NAGGED me about -- and other crap on the front porch, back
yard & garage when we moved in, I felt this fair; I had no way to
dispose of it correctly)

You did NOTHING to insure return of the security deposit to you. And
you have not thanked me for working so diligently to restore your
cleaning deposit. You didn't even inspect the apartment before I
vacated it.

I am not responsible for Katherine's mental illness nor substance
abuse issues. In fact, of the 2 of us, it was I who campaigned so
consistantly for return of your deposit to you, MONTHS befrore the
lease was up, in hopes the idiot would start saving the money to give
back to you. You took absolutely no responsibility for the issue of
your deposit.

I have definately worked off well over $300 in labor, in addition to
paying a cleaning person and gathering volunteers to help.

All you did on days you'd "agreed" to help me clean was pick fights
with me, behave insultingly, accuse me of things I'd never do, throw
things around, step on my stuff and treat me like a subhuman.

Don't blame me if you don't get your deposit back; it's not my
responsibility, fault or problem.

I"m DONE with Katherine. It's your money and it's your turn.