Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Street Preacher

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Preacher, street preacher, there you stand
advertising torture for eternity.
Leather bound bible in your hand
desperate to blind the ones who see.
Fearlessly you shower words on the apathetic crowd.
This one-way form of communication makes you feel alive.
And when engaged by dissent you're doubly proud
Of the broken old rhetoric you contrive.

Preacher, street preacher, there you stand
Hiding in plain sight
Saturated by language you don't understand
prying at emotions with all your might.
Whenever your feet are held to the fire
To justify your holy book,
You claim those interpretations conspire
To give your god a grotesque look.

Preacher, street preacher, there you stand
Refusing to awaken.
Grasping at straws with a slippery hand
Tossing practiced lies to those who've forsaken.
Forsaken a god who was never there
A god who never spoke,
An all-present god who exists no-where
Street Preacher, you're a joke.

Preacher, street preacher there you stand
You know it's the end of your procession.
You're the modern world's trembling strand
of an obtuse obsolete profession.
Fight the change, but the truth prevails
You operate on the time you borrow.
Your book of vitriolic tales
Worshipped today, but dust tomorrow.

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