Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, May 05, 2012

why the need us poor

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oh, no, it's far more insidious than this. First, they don't WANT us to vote. Hence, strict voter registration & refusal to register voters in low income neighborhoods. No, we're to be the FOCUS of their legislation, not participate in it. They need us for parasitic capitalism: Private prisons, paid for by tax $, making corporate profit off our slave labor. The largest manufacturing sector in USA is prison labor, making body armor and small weapons ammo for infantry. And the military needs us for cannon fodder for the military industrial complex's perpetual war. PayDay loans, rent to own furniture, privatized psych hospitals that dope us up, churches playing poverty pimp for a sandwich and a sermon, slum lords, plasma and blood clinics, medical experiments, breeding future soldiers and prisoners, sex workers . . . parasitic capitalism requires there be poor people who DO NOT VOTE, so they can exploit us. We are a PRODUCT in modern Amerikka. 

No, they don't want to waste product. They want to EXPLOIT product. Why let us go to waste? If we're desperate, we'll do anything they want from us, including becoming criminals to go to their privately owned jails for profit (after all, most of the crimes we commit are against each other, so who cares if a few of US get killed, raped, robbed?) or going into their damn military, to kill OTHER brown skinned people. They want us so dependent, we'll do ANYTHING to get a few crumbs. We are product. we are not citizens. If a few of us die to keep everybody in line -- and that includes the MIDDLE CLASS, because they use US as a boogie man, to keep THEM in line, too -- who cares? If abortion/birth control/sex ed/condoms/ decriminalized sex work are not available, we'll breed new ones, cheaply and easily enough... 

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