Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Conservatism and why Occupy Wall Street exists

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Conservative movement has united its guns with religious orthodoxy to stop science advancement in the USA.
This video substitute an old one I uploaded and because of poor quality in sound and graphics, have deleted.
The conservative Agenda includes:
1)Less social benefits for the poor
2)Bigger benefits for the rich
3)More power to the private sector and corporations
4)Disdain against well established Scientific facts and theories is openly promoted
5)Promote anti liberal "values"

Disdain against Scientific theories have been promoted.
Believe some vaccines are bad
Genetically modified crops
Stem cell research
Climate Change and Global Warming theory
Introduce Creationism as science using Intelligent Design
Promote "values" such as opposing same sex marriage, abortion, drug legalization, etc.
Paleoconservatism (the "conservatism" behind much of the "Tea Party" crowd)
And some other crazy beliefs:
Some conservatives are arguing that the Pixar film Cars 2 is a leftist film that tries to brainwash kids into hating oil companies
Water is being poisoned to reduce world population
Airplanes trails are another form of mass poison
Tendency to believe in conspiracy theories: HAARP, New World Order. Illuminati, world leaders groups, etc.

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