Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I can see the kitchen floor!

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Share | Oh, what a treat: all the spilled and scattered stuff, in both the kitchen AND living/sleeping area, is cleaned, organized or thrown out! I can walk through the front of the trailer barefoot again. The cats love it and snooze with satisfied grins on their faces.

My parachute/trampoline tarp shade and privacy invention is working. I'll take some photos soon to post, with descriptions of how I did it. I have the coolest, quietest, shadiest spot in the park.

 I need real fencing around my lot. Yesterday, a scrap collector was at the park and I asked if he'd keep his eyes open for some fencing.

Weasel has developed the disturbing habit of just hopping out the door, first thing in the morning, and visiting around the neighborhood. Last Saturday, one of my neighbors drove him home from the flea market. I'd gone the previous weekend and bought them a hotdog with cheese. I guess he went back for more. I wrote his address on his butt with a sharpie.

The cats are getting bolder. Both boys go to the grass island in the center of the park, to drink from the bird pond and poop in a spot they've designated a litter box. The girls are inching closer to the island every day. I'm relieved to say Fatty Watty Kitty Catty is no longer spending all day, every day, hiding under the stool I use so Weasel can climb into the bed. She was badly traumatized by living in Hell and all the crap that happened. Yesterday, she was actually flirting and playing in my lot!

I still have the bathroom and back room to finish, but my neighbor loaned me his shop vacuum, so it's going pretty well. It's just hard to maneuver in such a small space. And all the squatting and stooping hurts a lot. But it's so worth it.

I almost know where everything is again. Things got scattered and disorganized for a few months, but it's not taking much to get everything back where it's supposed to be. I do just a bit at a time, every day, and am seeing great progress.

And it is SO NICE to get away from people who are always looking for opportunities to punish, to retaliate, to hurt. It was like living in a mine field: every innocent move, gesture or word from me could be a dangerous trap. I can't imagine living with a mind like that! They're still lurking my blog and trying to snoop on me. The main lies are: I'm a criminal; I'm mentally feeble; I'm a malingering leach; I'm irresponsible; I caused the fire;  I'm telling people a particular person is trying to kill me. See? I can NOT imagine living with a mind that thinks like that! And that kind of mind craves attention; they want an argument out of me, so they can keep screaming and accusing! It must be so painful, so frightening and so harsh, living like that.

I'm very grateful we escaped, mostly intact.

So, I'm planning to head to town today, to spend what's left of my money on some groceries and smokes. Then, I'll work on tidying up the trailer some more. 

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