Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, August 20, 2011

DEFINE BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I posted a great video to Mind Freedom International's Facebook page.

 So, an admin. starts listing all the symptoms her daughter had from a neuroleptic medication and says the kid is getting better, 2 weeks after not taking the medicine.

I said, "creepy."

So, mommy gets her nose out of joint and sends me this snarky, private message. You know, THIS is the reason we folk with behavioral health challenges resent parents: when are you going to admit you're ANGRY AT YOUR CHILD, stop denying it, examine it, work through it and heal from it? I don't feel sorry for you; I have my own crap to deal with!

Anyway, here's what I replied to her message:

oh, come OH! the SYMPTOMS are creepy, and the fact they are clearing up so fast! If you're going to be offended by such an innocuous and innocent comment, perhaps managing the facebook page for MFI isn't such a good move for you right now. IF you think I'm such an insensitive boor that you feel you must educate me to the fact that MFI is run by PEOPLE, then you're so involved in the hurt you feel about your own situation, you're willing to make anybody who says anything supportive that you can possibly misinterpret as hostility, so you can take out your anger about what's happening in your life on THEM! I was being supportive; you send me this snarky private message, thereby guaranteeing I won't support you, because I won't allow guilt-tripping, manipulation and abuse in my life. You're sabotaging your own recovery by forcing people who could be your allies into avoiding you. Then, you get to feel misunderstood and pity yourself, thereby fueling even MORE misdirected anger. And who am I, Miss Sarah? What's going on in MY life? What do I need? Do I have behavioral health challenges? Do I have trauma? Doesn't mater, does it? You reinforced your belief that what's going on with you isn't respected and appreciated, and you used me to do it. Also, if you can't figure out how to use facebook, take personal responsibility for that, and don't blame me. I am now blocking you. Congratulations. Your self destructive tape loop is working perfectly. I don't want anything more to do with you. period. 

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