Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Sundance" dabbles in the mundane and mediocre

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Oh, shit! I just pissed off the contestant on this stupid reality show, because I reviewed it on Hulu! It's a STUPID SHOW and a waste of "Sundance's" resources! jesus, she thought up a straining spaghetti bowl, for crap's sakes! She didn't cure cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bite me
Quirky is where everyday people turn their product ideas into reality. Follow hopeful inventors from pitch to prototype as Quirky's expert team transforms their sparks of inspiration into objects of desire. It's the new way to connect and create.

why is this on "Sundance?"
From "Huge Gamble, Huge Reward," Season 1, Episode 1.
  • It's a typical "reality" format: over-produced with quick cuts of irrelevant street scenes, Ritalin sound tracks, over-enthusiastic dude with annoying voice, everything too treble, too bright, too perky. There's no depth of discussion re: science, marketing, manufacturing. Surely, the factories in China aren't exactly green, Mr. Redford, nor interested in human rights.The over-priced spaghetti bowl obviously leaks: he had her pour water in with bowl open and it was sitting on the table ith a tray under it, to catch leaks. It's steel and it's wet all the time? OK. Anyway, I didn't really learn anything about product development. Mostly, I learned about the Quirky owner's ego. And exactly how much is that kid getting for that power strip, hmmm? Just as cheesy as network tv. Why is this on "Sundance?" To fill dead air. 
    She complains

    It's a review, not a personal attack, gees. I'm not interested in watching anymore; I gave my reasons. Last I heard, constructive criticism of artistic content was still allowed in the USA. This show uses the same editorial formats as all reality tv. It's not very innovative, thought-provoking, informative or, frankly, interesting. I gave the 1st episode a chance and watched the whole thing. I won't watch another. I thought "Sundance" was about more substantive issues. I was wrong. I frequently am these days. Hell, I voted for Change and Hope and got a ten-year war in Afghanistan, Michelle-organic-garden-buddies-with-Walmart and 20,000 US troops, ready to crack down on US citizens, if we start protesting economic collapse, so there'll be no walking like an Egyptian/"Anonymous" style revolutions in the US; it'd piss off the CEOs and stock holders. So, what do I know? By the way: that bowl should be in various sizes and sold as sets, to be used for vegetables, straining canning and, my favorite idea for brewing tea, from one cup to one gallon. And it could be made of affordable materials. There's a recession going on. Most of us don't need art; we need multi-purpose tools to save time, energy and space. Congratulations on your bowl.

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