Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Film: "Cosi"

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1996 R 99 minutes

Is this brilliantly written, acted photographed or scored? Probably not. I mean, by "industry" standards this is a meh movie, I suppose. But the "industry" is so stilted, so formulaic, so timid, I don't watch much it produces, anyway. The true genius of this film is love. Stereotypes of people with behavioral health challenges corrupt both horror and comedy films, so much so, I don't watch many from the USA. But this is not exploitation. Borrowing on the apocryphal plays written, directed and produced in the "mad" house in which the Marquis de Sade was incarcerated, this film perceives the incarcerated as merely ordinary people who, but for the misfortune of having been caught at it, would be walking past us on the sidewalk any given day of the week. The profundity of a mental "health" system, charged with their care, having lowered expectations of them so shabbily they're not expected to function is real and heart breaking. And these brave souls secretly mount a production that sets occupational "therapy" to shame. The costumes, props and set designs are full of humor, innovative, artful and witty. I am leaving now to post this in my blog and on FaceBook, as I highly recommend this and WILL watch it again! Rogi Riverstone

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