Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Thursday, April 28, 2011

draft email to Cindi: payments

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I have credit card receipts for the following purchases I made for you
Cigarettes $21
Gasoline: $25 (that is what you requested; tonight you said I "only" paid $21) I am awaiting my next statement to verify amount
Feed: $29, plus or minus a few cents

In total, I have paid you $75, plus or minus a few dollars and/or cents, in cash and purchases to compensate you for your gasoline.

In addition, I have performed 3 hours' labor, cleaning and preparing your house for a wedding reception, cleaning the bathroom to which I was assigned and washing your dishes (you left for 2 days, knowing I planned to wash dishes & do laundry, leaving both the dish washer an the sink full of dirty dishes. In addition, your son and his guests filled up the sink again), at a fee of $10/hr, which I volunteered, to thank you for your generosity and to pay my weight around the house until my monies arrive on the THIRD, not the second, of next month.

I replaced the gasoline in your truck the day I used it.

I also spent $15 on windshield wiper, ashtrays and presents for your truck.

in addition, I prepared 2 meals for your family at 2 hours' labor and $10 ingredients.

So, adding these additional items, I have compensated you an additional $75, plus or minus $5, as gifts to you.

I think, considering my short tenancy, I have been pulling my weight quite well.

In addition to all that, I spent half a day repairing your weak chicken coop roof.

I didn't complain about any of it, but you sure did.

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