Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, April 08, 2011

Micah Village is a scam, not a place to live

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You're spooked because I did a background check on you after I visited your place. In fact, I've been waiting for Milly Sigmund to return from vacation, before I was going to contact you. She works Adult Protective Services in Socorro County, and if something was wrong with your place, she would know.

I did contact APS in Los Lunas. Your place has no red flags from APS. I also called the Better Business Bureau of New Mexico, and they don't have any reports against you, either.

I contacted a member of the board who has never actually seen the place.

And I called Socorro County Sheriff's Department, to try to ascertain whether or not I would be safe there.

It was not an "unreasonable demand" for me to politely ask for a 30 day notice; that's a standard rental agreement and common courtesy, especially given that I have no vehicle and moving off your place could not have been instantaneous, based on some whim of yours.

I found a blog post by a former resident that really concerned me. I'm not sure how reliable that resident is. But, if only 25% of what that person said was accurate, I had good reason to do a background check.

I am disabled and very low income. I cannot afford predators in my life.

After our afternoon together, you and your companion indicated that everything was just fine, no problems, and I could move in.

Suddenly, it's a board decision; I'm not appropriate to live in your community and everybody voted me out, with NO conversation with me, NO request for references or proof of income or criminal record, all of which would have proven, hands down, that I'm an excellent candidate to live in a cooperative community, truly dedicated to health and healing.

YOU volunteered that you wouldn't take my "whole check for the month," when we spoke. I thought that was a rather peculiar thing for you to have volunteered, at the time. Based on my research, even without conversation with Socorro APS, I have reason to believe that you attempted, or accomplished, just that, with at least 2 former residents.

And it's very interesting to me that I was told, categorically, the decision to not let me pay rent there was final, but, after I begged and told you I'd "do anything" to live there, suddenly, I should call you back in a couple of hours for another decision.

I think you want victims you can control. I won't let my possessions, career, animals and self be held in ransom to someone I believe cannot be trusted.

Your accusations and weird repetition of the phrase, "kid in a candy store" to describe my terror at potential eviction do not scan, under the circumstances. For a person who presumably has a background in counseling, particularly with people with behavioral health issues, this seems inappropriate. I have brain injuries and post traumatic stress, and I told you that the day we met. One of the worst triggers for my PTS is fear of homelessness. You could have been more accepting of the critical nature of my call and of my abject terror at my circumstances.

And I know you lied to me about Mary. You let me think you two were still involved in some intimate and working relationship. She lives in Albuquerque, works there and is going back to school. And she has a boyfriend.

You're a liar.

I'm not.

Too bad people can't just earn a living, instead of making a killing. I'm done with parasites.

I'll take my chances on homelessness. I'm nobody's bitch.

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