Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The slum I'm stuck in now.

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This is the place I rented on the frontier prairies of New Mexico. Landlord hasn't collected rent or contacted me in 6 months.

I appear in court April 15, 2011 because he's evicting me for non-payment of rent. I have no address for him, even though that's required by law, so I can't even mail it. He's supposed to pick it up.

He disappears for months at a time. At least one of these months-long gaps, he was in jail. Last gap, he wanted $300 for 6 months he was gone. Now, he's suing me for $800 for five months?

This is how I live. No: sewage, running water, heat, air conditioning, water heater, toilet or bath.  I've had 6 showers, at neighbors' places, in 17 months. I poop in a paint bucket and bury it in the yard.

I've been actively seeking housing, all over the state, for 17 months. I have no car, which makes house hunting, let alone getting groceries, extremely complicated.

I think he needs $ for the property taxes and is desperate.

Won't return my messages to girlfriend's phone, of course. They used to hang up on me, pretend we had a bad connection, or speak Spanish to try to convince me, who used "redial," that I'd called the wrong number, when I'd call to ask about repairs, etc.

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Ona said...

Not sure why you thought that I would not believe you but what do you want to do? Seems like everything that is documented here suggests that is no place that you or anyone would want to be. Where is this and where do you want to be?
What can you afford? Is the travel trailer yours?