Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here's how "dangerous" I am to Cindi

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Cindi complains of chronic pain and has told me she has multiple prescriptions for such drugs as oxycodon, etc. When she returned the other night, she told me tonight, she was "high on morphine and don't remember driving home." She is also completely co-depnendent on her son, whose behavior this week indicates to me that he is an alcoholic and addicted to marijuana. And I mean addicted. Cindi herself told me he never goes without it.

She told me tonight she considers the following private message I sent to her via facebook to be "demanding." I found out what's wrong with the ethernet cable. It has broken outer insulation and appears to have been smashed or cut. She claims it was "working fine" before I got ahold of it. This is what I mean by paranoid. She also accused me of endangering her animals by not locking them up before we went, together, to the store the other day. I don't remember whether or not I locked them up, but am pretty certain I did, as I'm very afraid of the pack of coyotes behind her house. Even if I did NOT lock them up, she went with me and didn't lock them up, either.

Here's the message I sent that is so "demanding." This is a major reason why she feels we cannot live together and why she is afraid of me:


I have Pioneer Telephone long distance. They're asking me if I've been "slammed," as i have no phone service now. I need long distance for my job; I have to record telephone interviews. I'd also like to be able to call Rachel and another friend occasionally. Pioneer costs 2 1/2 cent per minute, so I can easily pay the bill.

The internet is not working properly. I need to upload audio files to a professionals' website and I need dependable speed to do that. I can't watch an hr. long television episode at present without frequent interruptions of up to 10 minutes per. So, I need to buy a new ethernet cable and investigate what else I need to maximize internet access to my pc.

But I can't have anything mailed her unless I have access to the mail box and key. Also, PayPal says
MORIARTY, NM 87035-5200
is not a valid address. I've got an email into them, but they don't respond often or reliably.

I can't do my job without access to reliable telephone, internet and postal mail and I really need your help to get things straightened out so I can get on with my life. You don't need the extra burden of having someone have to constantly depend on you for the simplest things and I don't need to feel stranded and helpless. So, let's get these minor details out of the way so I can start working again and earn my own income, please.

Thanks for your cooperation,


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