Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, April 29, 2011

homeless with dog

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sheriffs here; restraining order. must leave everything, get off property in a few minutes homeless

restraining order forced to leave everything now homeless, stranded
I'm at Moriarty Public Library. Trying to reach Robert Hunt, pastor of Bethel Church. Number not listed, but people trying to find out. Sheriffs very nice; drove me to 3 places. Now have a little pantry food. Have Weasel with me. Cats have food in trailer & can exit small door in back for water. Goats, chickens penned. Trailer hitch locked. one thing at a time.
sheriffs promise not to arrest me for hitch hiking or vagrancy.

Charging Cricket cell phone as I write. No money to put in it right now, but maybe pastor can help? Called ministry in Edgewood, recommended by client at food pantry, left message where I am.

 cats in trailer with access to small door to outside, with plenty of food. goats, chickens penned. At Moriarty Public library with suitcase of essentials, a little food and Weasel, my little dog.

No place to sleep tonight yet. Trying to contact Robert Hunt, a local minister, who offered temp. housing.

Please spread word among goat people. I have a paypal button on my domain http://rogiriverstone.com

I'm charging my Cricket phone, but have no money, so cannot load it to operate.
Officer Chris Garcia just came back, concerned for me. He's bringing my luggage carrier, as one wheel on my suitcase is broken and it must be dragged, rather than rolled. He's trying very hard to find out Robert Hunt's phone number. If he had $10 on him, he'd spot it to me, so I could load my Cricket phone. very nice.

No temp housing from pastor tonight. THere's a Ponderosa Motel in Moriarty, if someone wants to arrange a room for me for tonight.

Ponderosa Motel
1000 Route 66
Moriarty, NM 87035
(505) 832-4403

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