Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's over. I'm done

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You know how people say that what other people think about you shouldn't matter? Well, it does. Cindi is accusing me of stuff that doesn't even make sense.

Her son attacked me the other day over nothing, screaming and threatening me, while Cindi was out of town. He then called her and accused me of I don't know what.

She told me today I have to move out. I know nobody here, can't ask for help or rides or anything. I am stranded with very bad internet connection, no access to my mail -- and I just requested my new CREDIT CARDS be mailed here! -- and no long distance. The only phone that works more than 10 minutes without batteries dying is in her bedroom.

I will try to find housing, but I have no hope. Cindi sent me the following facebook messages, which I did not see until she told me about them just now. She SAYS I can have a bit more time, but won't say how much. She has connections with law enforcement and can really make a mess for me.

i just got off the phone with all the kids and they are very angry. I cannot live with this much angy around me..i hurt all the time and never treat people the way you have.. You cannot turn my peaceful life upside down like this..you must find somewhere else to live..i expect you to be gone by the time you get your check on the second. Im sorry this couldnt work. Now we r both in a mess.

She says, when I did not respond to the 1st msg, she sent the following
Rogi, Please know as much as I hate this happening. I am very serious. You need to find some where else to be. I will call a tow truck and have the trailor pulled out, and then you will have another expence to get it out of the tow yard. Please have your things gone by May 4th,2011 to avoid any further action..

She does not believe that I did not receive the messages. She also thinks my not speaking to her when she returned the other night is evidence of my guilt of lying to her about it. She returned announcing she had food poisoning and had spent the night in the emergency room, went into her bedroom and shut the door. Of course, I didn't speak to her; she was sick. I told her this afternoon that I'd noticed her door open this morning; had I known she'd sent the messages, of course, I would have said something.

She called Rachel, but I don't know anything about that.

I am giving Rachel next month's social security check, the house trailer and all its contents, if I cannot, which I doubt I can, secure housing. Cindi will get the animals, which is probably why she agreed to let me live here free until I could pay rent. She seems to be an animal hoarder and wanted mine

Please make appointments to telephone me on Cindi's land line during the day, except Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when Cindi is off work. She knows you will be calling. Her number is [deleted]. I would like  to say my good byes in person.

I sincerely appreciate your support. But I cannot keep living like a hunted animal and a pariah.



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