Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

exasperating moving in sub-freezing temps

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The frozen snow sticks to everything. I don't want to wear pants outside for it. Shoes are always drenched and feet miserable. It clings to my coat, my night shirt, my bathrobe, my gloves.... there's a small pile in front of the door, near the tower space heater, that hasn't thawed all day.

Yesterday, I got first degree frostbite, in just ten minutes, trying to reinforce the goats' outdoor shelter by putting a mattress, corrugated sheet metal and tarps on top of it.  

I also prepared that back bedroom with some foam couch cushions and the small space heater I've been using in the bathroom of the house trailer. They chose that option over night. But it was still scary. Chilli is very aggressive toward his sister, especially, I think, if I'm around (he associates me with food?). I heard desperate crying in the dark last night. I guess Chilli forced Nilly out into the cold, then pushed the door to the bedroom shut, so she couldn't get back in. I lead her back there and just freaking shut the door. They don't like being confined together, but I was exhausted and can't spend the frozen night, breaking up goat fights.

There really isn't much left to do. I made a fire in the house yesterday as I packed the rest of the living room. But I'm coughing violently; my ribs hurt and my sinuses are still bleeding. That thick, frozen air hurts and physical exertion means I'm gulping it. Bending over to pick things up leaves me dizzy and weak.

This morning, I moved things in the yard so sun will shine on bare spots and dark colored things to melt snow and heat the ground. I could barely walk today. I woke at 3am, sure the electricity would go out and we'd all freeze to death, and couldn't go back to sleep. So, I ended up napping for a couple of hours this morning.

I'm so sore. My fingers and hands are still achy from frost bite and my joints are very stiff. I'm living on aspirin and caffeine, which help a lot, actually.

I'm dreading packing the other rooms, away from the fireplace. The toilet and bathtub I keep filled with water to flush it are both frozen solid.

The poor goldfish is in a paint bucket in the travel trailer bathroom, as is another bucket with a toilet seat on it, in case I get desperate and need to defecate before the mobile home toilet thaws.

I took my chicken out of the freezer today to thaw. I'll cook it tonight, for extra warmth. 

The 2 liter bottles full of water outside are, of course, frozen solid. The trick is: they can't thaw in the kitchen if I set them on the floor, as it's too cold. I bring in about 4 at a time. I have some sitting in front of the kitchen window for the sun to thaw. Soon, I'll put down my blackout insulation curtains (which work GREAT, by the way), made of Mylar and cheap, fleece blankets.

I'm scared. I'm not kidding: if the electricity goes out, we'll die in here. 

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