Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hey, Tea Parody? Why don't you protest THIS spending?

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Joelle, the global warming deniers use junk science to hide behind the fact that corporations, who pay for propaganda like this, do not want to comply with environmental OR labor regulations and be responsible citizens and stewards of the planet. The main reason poor people are poor is because corporations exploit the poor, a la private prisons, forced and slave labor, filthy and deadly working conditions, etc. The planet is covered in filth and is dying. If we do not hold corporations' feet to the fire and make them accountable for the destruction and suffering they cause with their greed, the planet will die.

Speak to the people on Navajo about the permanent destruction of their lands with uranium and coal mining. Cheap labor is no longer necessary; corporations have robots.

We are surplus population, shunted into ghettos, reservations and prisons to die or, better yet, to be sucked dry with payday loans, corporate gifts that are tax-write offs, paid by tax payers, private prisons that are tax-write offs, paid by tax payers and fodder for Big PhRMA as we are "diagnosed," in clinics paid for by tax dollars, so we can be medicated: chemically restrained.

Tax payers sent foreign aid to the Egyptian government, who bought arms and the tear gas they used against their own citizens from US corporations. Tax payers dole out fortunes for corporate welfare, then scream about "socialized" medicine at Tea Parody rallies, where they don't even clean up their own litter, because someone else should be paid to do it: socialism. The Egyptians cleaned and washed their streets as they protested. You won't see Tea Parody do that.

We are being used. And you believe them.

I've seen the aftermath of a Tea Parody rally: garbage all over the streets. Those brats hate socialism, but expect someone to be paid to clean up after them?

Tear gas: bought by Egypt from US companies, with US TAX DOLLARS in the form of "foreign aid" to the Egyptian government! THIS is why our own government is going BROKE! You want a Tea Party? END excessive defense spending and get the hell out of countries that have done us NO WRONG! WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN!

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