Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rio Grande Foundation calling for end to collective bargaining in New Mexico!

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My comment to Rio Grande Foundation's call to end collective bargaining in New Mexico and support Governor Walker of Wisconsin "Stand with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker"  :

Why SHOULDN't workers have collective bargaining, the behind-closed-doors process by which civil service workers, including teachers, secure pay, health, and pension benefits? These are your fire fighters, the people at the sewage plant, the EMS, the police, jail guards, teachers, custodians. These are working people who are trying to feed their kids and not get killed on the job. They are the infrastructure of the community!!

Why is the Tea Parody so invested, all over the country, in gutting unions, taking away workers' protections and rights?

My guess is it's the same model as private prisons: contribute to local politicians' campaigns, give them a little cash under the table, insure the politicians give the McPrisons tax incentives to build in local communities (in other words, outside corporations, who will take their profits OUT of the communities, sucking up resources and infrastructure FROM those communities without paying their fair share) and being PAID BY TAXPAYERS to provide a "service," not at a rate less expensive than that community could have provided it, but probably at cost PLUS, just like the Halliburton tape I posted here "Halliburton - Screwing the Same Troops They Profit from in Iraq"  ).

In the case of prisons, corrupted law enforcement officers will make sure the McPrison factories are full with the surplus population that cannot find living wage jobs, imported from all over the USA, to areas so remote, their low-income family members can't possibly visit them, know their conditions or maintain family and parental ties.

These McJobs the local government will have to contract for, once the unions are busted, will be low paying, low skilled, subsistence jobs. Working people will HAVE to apply for food stamps, WIC, HUD and medicaid, because they won't be able to pay for everything they need at such low wages.

Private contracting companies would provide: fire, ambulance, police, education, libraries, clerical . . . basically, at TAX PAYERS' EXPENSE, private companies would control the infrastructure of towns, municipalities, counties and even major cities, all over the country. We would no longer have any say, as citizens, as to how our tax money would be spent. We would not be able to maintain a decent standard of living for our citizens.

And almost ALL of the profit would go to CORPORATIONS and WALL STREET, sucked OUT of our communities.

WHY is it OK to make one's profits as a PARASITE ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!?

Your corporations have taken most of the decent jobs overseas; you're gutting our educational system, so we can't even COMPETE economically.

And now, in your last ditch efforts to make more and more and more profit, you are, finally and ultimately, literally sucking the LIFE BLOOD out of the very taxpayers your damn corporations FEED off of!

The LARGEST federal welfare program in the US is CORPORATE WELFARE!

Hell, the tear gas used against the Egyptian people by their own government comes from US companies, paid by the Egyptian Government: MONEY SUPPLIED by TAX PAYERS, in the form of foreign "aid!" FIFTY percent of the Egyptian people are illiterate; there is NO money for schools, but weapons, bought from US corporations? SURE!

I have NO heat, running water or sewage. I'm seven miles from the nearest loaf of bread and there's NO public transportation! And you want to take away my low income heating assistance?? I almost DIED this winter!

But having an 8 hour work day, weekends, sick pay, collective bargaining, medical benefits, protections from exploitation and abuse: THESE are "socialist," I suppose???

I don't WANT my EMT trained by McAmbulance!

I don't WANT the Rio Grande polluted until it kills people!

I want to live in a place where kids can learn, fires get put out, people are good to each other and care about each other because they're members of the same community, with each others' best interests at heart.

When we privatize EVERY damn job EVERYwhere, we'll be living like those poor workers in freaking CHINA!

WHY are you NOT going after DEFENSE CONTRACTORS? THEY are the welfare queens!

Don't you CARE that your grand children are going to be buried in garbage, toxic waste, poisons, carcinogens???

What we need is MORE protection for MORE workers, not LESS! This insane union busting is going to turn the whole damn country into one of those maqiladoras in Mexico!

now, go to Weekly Alibi, they have a facebook page, and ask them to PRINT that, without restricting me to the 300 word maximum for letters to the editor! It's the local Albuquerque free paper. dinks won't publish that.


amanda said...

I just happened upon your website, and you have a lot of good things to say. However, I would highly recommend changing your font style. As trite as it may seem, no one takes anything written in Comic Sans seriously. Try Helvetical, Century Gothic, or even just Times. I don't mean to be insulting, I am truly trying to give helpful advice.

Rogi said...

Sorry, Amanda, vision issues; easier for me to see