Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's not easy, being Green.

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A facebook friend is angry that the Democrats are not showing leadership on the jackass moves by the Governor of Wisconsin. She calls it pathetic and wants her campaign contributions back.

I replied:

Next time Michael Moore tells me how stupid and naive I am for voting Green, I'm gonna knock that damn baseball cap right off his pointy head!
For which she called me stupid.
Jan, that's the lame excuse they always give us. I call it the Chicken Little argument. The Dems are just as corrupted by corporate interests as the GOP. All one has to do is look at the current administration's policies:
*Queer-bashing prea...cher prays at Obama innauguration
*GMO crops planted in wildlife refuges
*Obama talking "clean coal," which, during the campaign, he categorically scoffed at as "ridiculous."
*Two wars, costing US taxpayers a trillion, still raging on
*Domestic spending cuts that can quite literally kill me
*No cuts to defense spending: contractor corporations getting fat at taxpayers' espense
*Guantanamo still open
*Promotion of nuclear power as "clean"
*biodeisel, subsidized, that is outrageously escalating food prices world wide
*Ms. Obama in bed with Wal*mart and other corporations with terrible track records re: environment, health, labor, etc. in her campaign for organic (we'll see) foods

I am not stupid for having personal integrity, even though that is a popular notion in politics, including Democrats. There is no two party system in this country; there is a corporate lobbyist system and it is killing all of us.

My vote is a message, even to the Democrats AND Republicans, that business as usual is unacceptable.

The system is sick, corrupt and lethal. I cannot support what does not support me.

  I am also very disappointed that people can no longer have debates on critical issues without ad hominum attacks.

"Stupid" is a useless word. If I have behavioral health issues that make me unable to learn or comprehend, it is a slur, just like a racial slur, a condemnation and a stigma. If I do not, it is dismissive. You don't have to listen to me because you have decided my intelligence level and education are so low that my position is not relevant.

As a matter of fact, Jan, I do have a behavioral health issue; I have brain injuries and PTS, so I resent the use of epithets regarding intellectual disabilities. On the other hand, I have an IQ of over 150 on the Stanford Binet scale, which ain't half bad, considering I'm not the upper class, white male to whom the test is geared.

I have reached my decision on this issue after tremendous and painful soul searching. I knew, when I made this commitment, that people like you, whom I admire and respect, would not approach me likewise. It is painful and difficult, but I have to do what I think is right, no matter WHAT abuse, ridicule or rage is hurled my way.

I do not think I am wrong on this issue and your reaction, not response, reaction, simply reinforces my position.

If we cannot agree to disagree respectfully, further conversation is a waste of time.

Yes, Moore came to Albuquerque and called Green Party members, who were in attendance, "stupid and naive." He encouraged all in attendance to jeer and boo us, to laugh at us and to hate us. I spoke with a few of them after the "lecture" and our consensus agreement was that his arguments were not strong enough to convince us of our deluded state and that attacking us in such a way, especially since he's a former Green himself, was just insulting, but not illuminating.

New Mexico is Dixiecrat, or was, until that bagger Martinez got elected Governor. Had the Democratic Party in this state practiced real democracy, I doubt she would have been elected. But Richardson was too busy with Pay to Play schemes and palm greasing for that.

Lip service to liberal ideals is useless, if all it does is get a few cronies administrative positions in grant-funded programs that only provide social "services" to a fraction of a percent of those in need.

There's no interest here in voter registration or education. If the poor in this state, who are the VAST majority, and are rural and are truly suffering, were not elbowed out of the process, but treated with respect and dignity, the Democratic Party could reign supreme and everybody could have a better quality of life. But we are seen as a threat, as pests, as unattractive to tourists and are ghettoized into dying hamlets in the frontier (it's too remote to be called even "rural") or into the slums of Albuquerque.

And the democratic process is stunted at every turn. It is nearly impossible for a 3rd, 4th, etc. party to run in elections here. If the Democratic Party is so strong, so powerful and so righteous, it wouldn't need to be afraid of open discussion with other parties.

The Democrats have squandered a vast, grass roots and online community of people who overwhelmingly voted for Obama: people who NEVER voted in large numbers before. That enthusiasm and organization could be, right this minute, channeled into an intelligent and passionate workforce of common citizens who could change public policies on local levels and invest volunteer hours and funds into community projects. Yet, whenever I receive an email from the old Obama campaign, it's about asking me to donate five dollars to this or that concept and I just hit "delete."

They want us to sleep. They want us passive, discouraged, intimidated and apathetic.

Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Beaten and Arrested as Hillary Clinton Talks about Freedom


Did you see that guy from Veterans for Peace get beaten up by security at Hillary Clinton's press conference about the Egyptian democracy movement, the attempts by Mobarak to silence the people, cut off internet access, etc? They beat him very badly. He's a veteran. He's seventy-five years old. Clinton just looked away and kept talking.

The emperor here also wears no clothes. And people on Facebook are saying, "Walk like an Egyptian." I sincerely hope we can.

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