Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Governor declares emergency

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of course, I have no way to get to a shelter, and my animals would die, here, anyway. I sat in my yard for 2 hours today, yelling, "Help, please!" to everybody passing by, trying to get liquid water and some feed for the goats. ONE guy stopped, and all he wanted to do was start an argument. I finally said, "I suppose you can't even bring me water, can you? Ok, fine." turned my back and went to sit down and continue screaming.

If the power goes out tonight, all I can do is put everybody in the living room and start a fire in the fireplace. There's no furniture, so I'll have to just sit up all night on a milk crate with a pillow.

Gallup Herald, incl. typos
Governor Susanna Martinez declared a State of Emergency for New Mexico Feb. 3.  due to a large number of homes within the state being without natural gas as well as extreme weather conditions, according to a press release.  The Governor's office is requesting that thermostat's be turned down by 10 degrees all across the state in order to conserve our natural gas, she is also requesting that electricity use be limited.  The Governor has also suspended regulations for driver's hauling Petroleum in order to get natural gas to its designated areas.

Weekly Alibi

Emergency shelters set up for people affected by gas shortage

The statewide gas shortage has been declared an emergency. The gas company’s website has a list of where the shortages are happening and who is affected.
The city and Bernalillo County say Albuquerque hasn’t seen widespread interruptions in service yet. But, along with the Red Cross, they are setting up shelters for people who’ve lost their heat:
• Highland High School in southeast Albuquerque (4700 Coal SE)
• Manzano High School in the Heights (12200 Lomas NE).
Other warming centers not affiliated with the Red Cross:
• Los Padillas Community Center in the South Valley (2117 Los Padillas SW)
• Paradise Hills Community Center on the Westside (5901 Paradise NW)
• Raymond Sanchez Community Center in North Albuquerque (9800 Fourth Street NW)
• Vista Grade Community Center in the East Mountains (# 15 La Madera Road, Sandia Park, 87047)
You can’t bring your pets, but you can call 311 and Animal Welfare will take them in.
Mayor Richard Berry is inviting people outside of Albuquerque to come to town if they are seeking shelter. He’s also asking that everyone lower their thermostats, limit hot water use, keep animals inside and check on neighbors, particularly the elderly or disabled.
Don’t forget to leave a faucet on drip, especially if your heat goes off, reminds the Water Authority.

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