Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, October 07, 2011

Any difference between Tea "Party" and Occupy Wall Street?

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I'd love to hear people's thoughts about the similarities and differences between the tea party and occupy Wall Street movements...
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    • Rogi Equality Riverstone ‎1 Tea Parody is a propaganda tool, encouraged by News Corp and funded by the Koch Brothers. Its main purpose was -- through rage language; encouragement of prejudices; hate rhetoric; the melding of theocratic, fundamentalist misinterpretation of scriptures; subtle and not-so-subtle racism and propagandized skewing of facts -- to disable the Obama administration through hysterical and false accusations, diverting its attention and resources away from actually getting anything done to constantly putting out fires and being on the defensive.
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    • Rogi Equality Riverstone Occupy Wall Street is a coalition of individuals and groups who work by collective process. The strategy is: protest the situation while, at the same time, articulating a platform of demands, needs and concerns by consensus, representing the concerns of all involved. While OWS appreciates the involvement of unions, political organizations, student groups, etc., it will not allow its agenda, purpose or direction to be diverted BY them. OWS is not "political," in the traditional sense. We do not endorse candidates, promote parties nor want to create a new one. We have a very specific and focused motive: 99% of humans do not have a say in, and are suffering because of, the corrupt, acquisitive, exploitative, parasitic anti-capitalism that is destroying our economies, cultures, quality of life, environment and futures for our children. We want these parasites held accountable and we want the corrupt system of bankers and brokers dismantled. As proof of my statement, I offer the following poster that is being widely circulated amongst OWS supporters. I am not responsible for its language, if you are offended http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/320606_160137644076683_100002413466776_285507_1611139402_n.jpg As a PS, I would note that Michael Moore's sudden appearance in the media is being laughed at and derided by a great many of us who understand this, and the execution of Troy Davis in Georgia, is his fifteen minutes of fame, by which he is peddling his latest, damn book. This isn't "bi" partisan; this isn't partisan. This is NON-partisan. We cross all social, political, gender, racial, class, orientation, religious, etc. lines. We might fight like cats and dogs on other issues, but on THIS issue, we are united. NOBODY funds us. We are NOT pawns in a yellow journalistic propaganda campaign. This started out of the Arab Spring and the European Summer. And MANY of us sympathize with, or are very involved in, the Anonymous collective. It's a new way of doing social change. Expect us.
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    • Rogi Equality Riverstone The Tea Parody was never a real political party. It was never registered as one. It was never held accountable for the donations it received and who was influencing it, as a REAL political party would have been. It was a social manipulation, manufactured by Murdoch's News Corps and hate/rage radio. It was an "end run" around legitimate, political processes, completely co-opted by the GOP's agenda. While the GOP would not, at the time, overtly endorse such things as calling Obama a monkey, encouraging death threats ("next time, I'm bringing my gun," or overtly injecting fundamentalist, theocratic language into campaigns and platforms, it was the proving ground. How much revisionist history, anti-science/reason/rationality, hate speech, violent threats, etc. would the Tea Parody's supporters accept, in fact, embrace? And it habituated them to EXPECT to hear such unAmerican language in political rhetoric, paving the way for the 2012 Presidential elections. The more strident, preposterous, absurd and hysterical a candidate sounds, the more media coverage s/he receives and, unlike in years past, because of the Tea Parody's conditioning, these imposters are no longer being laughed out of the political arena. In fact, some of the previously more rational of them (Newt Gingrich is one) are now adopting the same hysterical rhetoric of the Tea Parody. In other words, the GOP has instigated a lynch mob, witch burning mentality.

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