Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Thursday, October 06, 2011

It Is A Time For Change!-(Mojosideburns)

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These words DESERVE to be echoed. Mirror this video and go comment on the original here. Link below.


We are living right now at a crucial junction in human history, maybe our most critical junction we have yet to see.
Can you feel it, I can. Change is coming, yes it is. and it cannot be stopped. Occupy wall street is going world wide. Will you be
there? You can bet your fucking ass I will. I am unable to travel to NYC, but we are occupying Buffalo, NY saturday at noon.
I have waited my whole life for this opportunity. The chance to be a
part of something. Something big, something that can change the world, make it a better place. And yes the world.
This about more than just America and Americans. I am an American, I am a man, I am heterosexual, I am an atheist,
I am an anarchist, I am many things, but first and foremost, by a long shot, I am a human being. I am a member of
a global family, with cousins all across the planet. The United States is the most powerful nation in the history of
the world, and all self-righteous chest beating aside, we have not used that power wisely, justly, or humanely. Now you and I
might not have partaken directly in the crimes this nation has committed, but we all have, at least at time, been silent, been
acquiescent, been complacent, and have allowed these crimes to continue. We have purchased the products of businesses who have
enslaved the citizens of so-called 3rd world countries, we have elected leaders who ordered the bombings of nations resulting
in countless deaths of innocent civilians, this nation has inflicted more pain and suffering on more men, women, and children
than any other nation in the history of the world. I say no more. We have a right and a duty to demand accountability, from
our political leaders and from those we allow to do business with us. We will not allow petty economic concerns, the desire
to be fashionable, or anything else supercede our commitment to our global family. We will not because we can not. How do we
look at ourselves in the mirrors in our oh so nice clothes knowing that they were stitched together by someone who barely
makes enough to survive, if, indeed, they were even still alive by the time we bought it off the shelf. what perverse degree
of cognative dissonance have we engaged in. we are murderers. but like i said, no more. this was really driven home to me
through conversations I had at work. I work with many immigrants, and they are Americans too, they live in America, they
work in America, and they pay their taxes in America, so fuck anyone who says they are not. But they are also Sudanese, and
rwandan, and Lebanese, and Dominican, and Cuban, and Burmese, and the list goes on. They have family that still lives there,
living lives that all too often entails suffering on a level that we as Americans can barely fathom, if we can truly fathom it
at all. This realization that this power that we possess, carries a correlating responsibility. And that responsibility is basically,
to stop being a fucking bully, and start being a responsible member of the worldwide community. Isolationism is not only illogical,
and impossible, but it is not desirable and it is immoral. We have stolen so much, time to give some back. I don't have all the
answers as to how going about doing this, but I have some general ideas, and I'd like to see a discussion start. Obviously, first
things first, fix our problems at home, But I'll be damned if I let that be enough for me.


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