Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Being Liberal means Being a Hypocrite

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quote Exactly! /quote

Actually, no, it's not true. Damn near every progressive & liberal with whom I associate is very discouraged by this perpetual war crap. And we're equally frustrated by the spinelessness of "moveon.org" and other groups who decided to slink behind a rock and not protest this insanity. Many, many people I know feel betrayed, since the day of the inauguration, by Obama's Presidency.
Why do you think Occupy Wall Street told MoveOn.org to "fuck off?" exactly.

The major fault in modern media via internet is narrowcasting: people only hear confirmation of what they want to believe, never have to stretch beyond their comfort zone and listen to pundits & talking heads from their own perspective, assuring them and reinforcing their resentments and paranoia, by putting words in other people's mouths. Soros is a pathetic, diluted straw man and is not worth response. 

Listen to the viciousness, the smugness, of your own REACTIONS, not responses, REACTIONS to what I've said. It's not original thought; its slogan, bumper sticker thinking. How is that any different? You accuse people of being "pawns," but I hear ditto head, regurgitated platitudes you've been taught. You're not thinking for yourselves. In fact, you're becoming insulting, assuming I'm ignorant, unread, etc. Hal, to nit pick the fact that I typed URLs is just sad. Is that all you've got on me? 

There were no "suffragettes;" there were SUFFRAGISTS; the former is a slur, a diminution, a condescending and patronizing term used to belittle people who fought for universal suffrage, based SOLELY on gender discrimination. 

As to OWS, WE are not "creating chaos." We are, almost exclusively (barring a few provocateurs, plants and nincompoops, a NONVIOLENT occupation. We're not running bicycles and horses over people, hacking at them with batons, shoving and pulling them or spraying toxins in their eyes. We even clean up the parks we occupy and pick up litter as we walk. 

Paranoia and conspiracy theories, cynicism and contempt keep people powerless and hopeless. They are irrational and nihilistic. 

I did NOT post to Neal's thread to get dumped on, only to clarify. Neal is obviously under the misapprehension that, because his brand's spin meisters have told him something, it must be true. I came here to clarify. The photo caption is VERY incorrect. 

Did you ever consider that OWS is a DIRECT RESPONSE to the facts of perpetual war, the Military Industrial Complex and the fact that EVERY member of Obama's cabinet has serious history with Wall Street? No, you did not. 

Obama told us, during his campaign, and we are taking the lesson to heart: WE are the change we've been looking for -- not him, not anybody else. WE must do the heavy lifting and a pox on both their houses.

This is a quote just now posted on FaceBook by an old friend of mine. 

I was at the occupy Louisville event, and one of the members asked if I would speak to this videographer for an interview. Being wary of who i'm talking to, I asked them who they were and what they wanted to accomplish.
"I want to grab footage and show people we are welcoming to everyone. some of the more conservative elements for instance, I want them to know they are welcome." My response surprised him. "I'm not your man. I am divisive. I think the conservative element is a huge part of the problem. I won't discourage your efforts, and it's not my place to say who can be here and who can't..but I don't want it to work. I'd rather they just get out of the way, then try to hijack us for the hateful, anti people message. " This might make me closed minded, but as much as OWS tries to be all inclusive, and keeps saying over and over this is not a left-right issue, I am inclined to disagree. The reason it looks like a left wing movement, is because the occupy movement is not saying ANYTHING progressive people have not been saying for decades. The reason the tea party doesn't like us, is because they don't agree that bankers should be regulated, that people should be protected, and wall street is out of control. They think regulation is the problem, which is insane. Look at the regulations that have been obeyed, and the ones that have been disregarded. Look where the damage comes from. It's crazy to think that less rules and oversight would keep the banks and corporations from doing what they do now, when they don't have enough rules and oversight..Can you really believe if they have less they'll suddenly do what they should be doing already? I wish the occupy movements would own being progressive, and admit conservatives are killing themselves and us.
I'll agree it's not a democrat/republican issue..because that would make it right wing under both circumstances. There is no liberal party in this country. There's a mildly centrist slightly right group (Democrats) and the absolutely crazy (Republican). /quote Tom Stevens

Neal, I have to address you directly now. I didn't know you'd gotten that photo from some group that lumps all liberals into the category of "hypocrites." You've known me a long time now. You and I may disagree on quite a number of things, but I have always been honest, straight-forward and supportive of your art, your life and your family. To see you hold me in such contempt, to see you broad brush me and slur me like this is very painful and disappointing to me. To know you support a facebook page or group that would vilify me, damn me and dismiss me with such cavalier cynicism really is unacceptable to me. I don't tolerate shit like that from so-called progressives or liberals and I sure as hell won't tolerate it from you. My life is very challenging, lonely, scary and painful. Groups and pages such as that are merely propaganda lynch mobs, right AND left, giving people permission to treat others as subhuman, so the lynch mobs can justify abusing people like me. I've been abused enough. I would have thought you could understand that. I was wrong, I guess. It's a damn shame you threw a friend out with the bath water, but I'm too stressed, too sick, too weak, too isolated and too poor with too few resources to battle others' sanctimony to justify my right to live in peace and be treated with respect, despite my differences with others. Good luck with all that. I'm sorry you bought into that whole mind set, but I can't be around it. It's a matter of survival to me. Best wishes.  I'll have to take "Ask Your Doctor" off my website; it would be too painful to see it again, knowing what I know now. Sorry. Unfriending now.

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NezMaster said...

I just assumed the orignal post was sarcasm. Was it not? i presumed whoever posted it was saying it essence "It should be obvious this is not ok" Did I misread it. Was the poster REALLY saying it's ok when one person does it but not the other. What AM I missing?