Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Santa Cruz - Bank of America refusing to close account

FALSE IMPRISONMENT! Illegal detention! You were kidnapped and BofA illegally took control of YOUR MONEY! That manager didn't have TIME to call a supervisor for instructions! The management of BofA LIED to you, confiscated your money and kept you prisoners!
FELONY trouble, as in false imprisonment, kidnapping and interfering with their right to close their account; it's their frickin money.The Bank Commissioner was contacted. 
 From comments at youtube:
contact Banking Commissioner, it is unlawful to not allow the withdrawal of funds on demand as it is stated in their banking policies unless the funds are held for collateral for a loan or for a check where the funds are being collected still. Otherwise it is against the law. I did 20 yrs in the financial institutions, banks when banks were hometown ones, lessons learned are very valuable from those days!!!! We start Occupy New Haven Sat and will be visiting BoA as well along the way :)

What the mgr. did was COMPLETELY ILEGAL! You CANNOT forbid a customer to withdraw their money or close their account! This woman is in a HELL of a lot of trouble! Yes, it's listed in the comments at youtube. People got on this like a duck on a poop bug, immediately. That woman is going to lose her job. Banks are terrified of bank runs. Ever see "It's a Wonderful Life????" This is the WORST possible PR for BofA. She's toast, if not a future inmate. And expect a law suit.
FELONIES: False imprisonment, kidnapping, commandeering a person's money, false statements to a customer (she didn't have time to contact a supervisor before deciding). She did it in front of witnesses, on tape, and lied to a police officer. She's in big poop now.

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Today we (very peacefully) tried to close our Bank of America account, but since we participated in the protest and had a sign with us, we were not allowed to close our account.



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