Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Thursday, March 17, 2011

apologists for outmoded corporate monopolies: far worse than radiation leaks

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this has got to be one of the creepiest bio pics I've ever seen. And I'm not just saying that because I can't stand Nancy Drool here, which I can't. EVERYBODY's trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame on the backs of the Japanese these days!

Just before I saw this on FaceBook, I saw a video by some nutritionalist, I guess, telling people what to eat to protect themselves from radiation exposure. Uh, huh. And then, she pulls out a HUGE bottle of suppliments, wags them at the camera, and says, "Come on down to my office, and I'll sell you . . ." to which I replied, And you're donating the proceeds from these sales to relief efforts in Japan, of course, because nobody wants to be suspected of exploiting a massive catastrophe for personal profit, like Limbaugh, Beck et al have done, right? I'm a bit sick of ghouls, sycophants, hangers on, snake oil salesmen, religious and political fanatics, predators, parasites and garden-variety JERKS making hay over Japan. NOT ONE of them is encouraging their fellows to DONATE TO RELIEF EFFORTS IN JAPAN! So, before we proceed further into this, I will tell you to DONATE TO RELIEF EFFORTS IN JAPAN!
"God" won't hear your pleas. So, get up off your knees, rolling up your sleeves and HELP THE JAPANESE! ~Rogi Riverstone 03/11/2011
nonbelievers giving aid to Japan: http://givingaid.richarddawkins.net/

Those things that are far worse than a radiation leak

“When Americans talk about energy policy, we are blind. Worse than blind, stupid. Worse than blind and stupid, intentionally so.”
I couldn’t agree more. The fact that the first electric and steam-powered automobiles, created at the same time as the internal combustion engine, withered on the vine is testimony to the corporate interests of the oil industry. Had they been allowed free market to develop, we might have a very different scenario today, sans oil, coal and uranium, which are killing us.
Definition of CONNIPTION: a fit of rage, hysteria, or alarm What a condescending way to depict legitimate fears of the Japanese people that they will be exposed to lethal radiation!
“First, it made the Japanese prey to people who are trying to use an anti-nuclear agenda rather than deal with Japan’s problems.” [emphasis mine]
What sort of conspiracy theory is this? Why is it, when one disagrees with “conservatives” (who actually conserve very little and squander very much), one is accused of an “agenda,” as though one has been plotting a secret, underground userpation of the nation (“Gay agenda, Socialist agenda, feminist agenda, anti-whatever-you-are-in-favor-of agenda”)? Have you attended these clandestine cells, or are these the wild fantasies of one too insecure in his own position to permit the courtesy of allowing an ideological opponent to clearly speak his or hers, lest you actually learn something?
“The closest to an energy policy this nation has found is really an anti-energy policy pushed by the “green” political agenda. Not only is this not an energy policy, it has no real standing because “green” technologies rely upon traditional energy sources for validity. For every wind farm there must be a traditional source of power standing by for when the wind stops. Wind and solar as a mainstream energy source do not make energy sense.”
You answered your own question, in part, about wind, as solar can supplement, as can geothermal and a good number of alternatives, besides. The days of energy monopolies and public hostage-taking by ONE source of power per community are over. We need to develop cooperative, not competitive, capitalism, for this to happen. That is why mouth pieces for existing corporations come up with these outlandish and outdated statements like yours. If monopolies hadn’t stifled free market capitalism in the early 1900s, who knows how much further advanced we would be in battery storage, wireless energy transmission, etc? Remember: it was oil companies’ corrupt influence on Los Angeles politics that lead to the ripping up of the Red Cars in the mid 20th century. And there’s that paranoid word, “agenda,” again. Yours is a political agenda; why is it wrong for others to have them, as well? Is it because, in your short-sighted apologia for antiquated and outmoded corporations’ dominance, you can’t possibly see the opportunities for many free market industries that don’t involve brown, grey and black politics, environmentally speaking?
The overall lesson in Japan, though, is being missed by most people. While it is appropriate to have some concern about the nuclear power generation,
The overall lesson that is missed about Japan, sir, is that more than 17,000,000 people’s lives and health are in imminent jeopardy as a result of this catastrophe, on top of all who died and were maimed in the NATURAL catastrophes that proceeded them. It is MORE than appropriate to have a great deal of “concern” about an outmoded form of energy that produces waste that is highly toxic for very many years. In fact, the entirety of humanity ought be outraged that so many lives are at risk for profit.
The Japanese are tremendous innovators and they are, culturally, homogeneous. They are tremendously hard workers, do not whine, work for the community good. THEY will find a solution, for all of us, out of the morass of dinosaur thinking about capitalism, competition vs. cooperation, monopoly vs. collectivity. They will show us the way past a system that is outmoded and impedes human progress, a system which you so weakly defend.

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