Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, March 26, 2011

MUCH better day today

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Those men who gave me a ride home stole $40 from my wallet last week. That is enough money to either: pay the monthly internet bill, pay all my animals' food for a month or buy a week's worth of very modest groceries. Since that time, several people have volunteered to assist me in purchasing baby chickens for eggs and help me pay my enormous heating bill from last month when it as so cold some nights, an entire bathtub full of water froze solid. The combined amount people volunteered -- I would never have asked -- added up to TEN TIMES the amount those boys stole.
Today, for the first time in 2 months, I went to a locally-owned Mexican restaurant for some home-cooking and actually bought 2 bottles of Pepsi, which I never drink anymore, as it's too expensive and weighs too much to bring home with groceries.

My electric and phone bills are paid and I had enough left over to buy antibiotics for the baby chicks, so they won't get a respiratory infection that is common when confined chicks accidentally consume their own waste (they are living in the little bath tub of my travel trailer, where I can keep them warm enough) and bought a block of salt for my goats.

I even had enough for dish soap, bread, etc. Outside the store, I looked in the dumpster. Employees had thrown away a big, plastic storage container, with lid, full of toys, lawn decorations, socks, potato chips and popcorn that I fed to the goats, a jar of raspberry (my favorite) jam (a fruit condiment, served on toasted bread) and a very tasty, unopened package of beef jerky (seasoned, dehydrated beef with honey and peppers).

So, we all had a party when I got home: goats, cats and dogs. Someone had sent me another twenty dollars, in cash, by mail today.

It was a beautiful, spring day. I took my little dog, Weasel, with me. A neighbor gave me a ride there. And a lady in the parking lot of the store saw me struggling with that plastic tub, asked me if I was ok and gave me a ride home.

I took today "off" from chores and hard work. Stress has been affecting my mental well being, without me realizing it, and yesterday was a very bad day. When I came home from the store, I relaxed in bed and watched films in NetFlix with my cats and dogs. I feel great. 

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