Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Radiation wind needs to come toward US, Hawai'i

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I don't believe in woo woo magical invisible beings in the sky. I do believe we can change things by working hard. I don't believe we can will them to be as we wish. For those of you who do, you might consider drawing the winds from Japan over to the USA.

All this panic about iodine pills that can really make you sick, if you don't need them is absolutely pointless. The clouds of radiation need to travel toward us! They'll dilute in the atmosphere and won't expose us to but a smidge of the total radiation.

This is the way the Trade Winds blow. As you see, the air currents do not easily send air from as far as Japan over Hawaii or the Western United States.
North Pacific Gyre, Trade Winds

This chart shows you accurately what to expect from radiation exposure. Use it when you hear news reports about how much radiation is in the atmosphere.

This shows why it is essential that the wind come toward the United States. The small map shows that the wind, with the highest concentrations of radiation in it, would flow right over Tokyo. Tokyo is evacuating as we speak. That's nearly thirteen million people. And there are lots of people in between and past Tokyo who will be exposed to lethal doses, if the plant continues as it is going at present.

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