Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, March 05, 2011

how I feel about Anonymous

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Anonymous plans defense for Bradley Manning - promises a media war - Security
Oh, there are lots of different opinions within Anonymous, which is OK with me. The work they've managed to do to keep communications open in Libya, in particular, has been breath taking to me. They'll post cell phone #s for Egyptians inside the country, so people can contact them to arrange drop offs of medical supplies, food, etc. The media are leaning more and more heavily on Anonymous chat rooms to get the scoop on the pro-democracy demonstrations scheduled in Saudi Arabia and China and it goes on and on.

Some do it just to tweak the system and "prove" how "smart" they are, or they're just wannabes, or they're all talk no action. But the main direction, if there is one, is freedom to think, speak, share information, etc.

And frankly, when they took Westboro Baptist Church's websites off  the internet during a live television interview WITH Westboro, as that woman was ranting about Hell, I broke into tears, ran to http://godhatesfags.com and fell apart when it wouldn't load.

Is that fascist? I don't know. When the Supreme Court upheld their right to protest, I agreed. I don't want my free speech abridged, and there are a lot of people who want me to shut up and silence me when they can.

I can never say, "they got what they deserved," 'cuz I feel that's coming from a pretty self righteous place, which means I'm usually wrong.

Westboro is killing people with that hate speech, I know that.

I'm not anonymous, although I do pass messages along on facebook: what chat rooms are open, how to contact people, how to work around governments who shut down internet access, etc.

I even put together a little "survival kit" for the upcoming demonstrations and posted them on Anonymous facebook pages: how to make pepper spray, avoid dog attacks, perform first aid, what to wear to demonstrations, non-violent, passive resistance, etc.

I'm encouraged by the secular emphasis of these demonstrations; people are fed up with fanaticism and want no part. I'm also encouraged that, even in Saudi Arabia, they're speaking of equality for women and an end to all discrimination.

Anonymous is supporting good movements right now, and I'll help people liberate themselves however I can.

If Anonymous starts to turn ugly, I'll be the first on the lines to protect society from bullies.

It's a beautiful thing, seeing young people care passionately, but also know facts, history, politics, geography, cultures, etc. It give me a lot of hope.

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