Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A scientific tour of pigeon poop

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This little research project was inspired by an Atheist Quote of the Day on Facebook:
"Having a degree in the field of biology, I can't help but to chuckle a bit under my breath, and be endlessly amazed when I'm in a Christian church and look up at the stained glass windows to see them ironically adorned with holy pigeons. Being the most vile of birds and the least intelligent of all Near Passerines, who coincidentally make it a habit of shitting in their own nests, I guess for all intents and purposes it's the most appropriate symbol."-- J. Hazelton

It seems I am not alone amongst atheists in thinking pigeons quite nice people, although, of course, there are always urban cranks who hate them. We have a small flock out here in the frontier of New Mexico at the entrance to our little subdivision of cows, house trailers and beaten down trucks. They perch on the gateway to the place and don't really bother anybody. Of course, out here, we're not piled on top of each other, like those nasty urban dwellers who can sleep right under a neighbor's toilet! Disgusting humans!

So, folks, there's your scientific tour of pigeon poop.
These "nasty bird" pictures are posted by a pigeon murderer for hire:
Got Pigeons living and pooping on your home or business ?
QUOTE: As the saying goes, “What goes in, must come out,” and that’s when my love affair with nature came to an abrupt halt. When the nestlings are very small, the feces, which are encased in a gelatinous sack, are normally consumed by the adults. Because the digestive efficiency of the young is so low, significant nutrients remain in the sac, so this system acts as a natural recycling mechanism. With older nestlings, the black-and-white sacs are supposedly dropped away from the nest, our common biological imperative not to poop where we eat. Nestlings deposit on the rim of the nest. In this case, one side of the rim was the great outdoors. Unfortunately, the other side happened to be inside my apartment, and the droppings quickly began piling up on my bathroom shelf.

A single pigeon produces an average of 25 pounds of excrement per year. END QUOTE
"The Poop on Pigeons"

There's a joke among Southern Black folk: What do you call the white spot on chicken sh!t? Answer: chicken sh!t! Well, it turns out, it's NOT! This doctor will take you on a tour of pigeon nests:

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