Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

There's this union guy I really wanna slap

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A union boss campaigning on the public’s dime? Outrageous

Mr. Arencon,

Are you aware the Democratic party in this country is under systematic attack, accused of misspending citizens' tax dollars, called fiscally irresponsible and even, by the most rabid and irrational elements, branded as BOTH Communists and fascists, at the same time?

Sir, are you aware that some very brave, frightened, determined people are toughing out the frigid, March temperatures in Wisconsin to defend their union right, to protect public sector jobs and to keep our communities' workers paid enough to eat, feed kids and go to doctors in a time when TWENTY-FIVE percent of children in this country are, right this minute, homeless?

Do you have ANY idea how much damage you are causing to good and decent people who've played fair, followed the rules, done their jobs, respected their communities -- even by having such allegations brought against you? I don't care what happens to you; I care what happens to all of them, and to me, if there's a backlash whipped up because of this an our public sector employees get hammered like they're getting it in other states in the Union, right this second.

Sir, you had best come up with something to correct my suspicion that the charges against you are true, if you're really innocent. What, did GOP spies break in to use your computer while you were in to potty? Because, I'll tell you what, Mr. Arencon, you're doing a GREAT job for the GOP, the Tea Parody, KKKarl Rove, the Rio Grande Foundation and everybody ELSE who want to see YOUR JOB reduced to a privatized mcjob. You couldn't have DONE a better job of bad publicity!

So, "sir," I'm with Heath on this one: don't get all slick and snarky. Admit what you've done and atone. Don't hurt all the rest of us to prop up your brittle ego.

Jobs are HARD to come by these days. I'll bet there are a few hundred decent, hard-working, ethical, responsible, honest, skilled people within a thirty minute drive of your house, right this very minute, who could do a better job at your job with 2 feet nailed to the floor and a hundred pound weight dangling from their nose than you've done. If you want important positions in a union, in the public sector and in politics, make sure you know how to use three different time clocks. The people of Albuquerque paid you hard-earned money and you abused the privilege.

TO ALL OTHER DEMOCRATS AND UNION BIG SHOTS: this is the only warning you will receive. We cannot afford to look like petty despots and thugs in the current climate. Take it from the women, the people of color, the disabled who have to work twice as hard to get half as much recognition! We know. KEEP YOUR NOSES CLEAN! Because it's not only the GOP and their minions who will be watching you for corruption, it's those of us in your own party, your own union, your own campaign office, too.

Step off, Mr. Arencon. That old school greasy kids' stuff ain't gonna fly in the modern age.

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