Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, March 04, 2011

no papers? no driving!

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House passes immigrant driver’s license bill

You just pushed economic refugees further into the underground, further into the arms of waiting, organized crime, where they'll be even more victimized than they already are! Don't one of you call yourselves a "Christian." And DON't call yourselves "conservative," either! You conserve NOTHING! You SQUANDER everything, else you crush it! I am ASHAMED to be a resident of New Mexico today and refuse, ever again, to call myself a New Mexican! THESE ARE YOUR OWN DISTANT RELATIVES you ostracized today! This land was STOLEN from brown-skinned people! You should be on your knees, grateful for your privileges, not penalizing people for escaping poverty to work scut jobs you think you're too good to do! Shame on you for identifying more with genocidal conquistadors and rednecks than your own cousins!


Pendejo pequeño: why don't you learn to speak English?

If you're such a "proud American," why are you trying to intimidate me with veiled threats, in order to deprive me of my Constitutional rights to free speech?

The Mexican economy is broken, in large part, because of the economic exploitation and rape of the land by corporations from the US. These immigrants pay into Social Security, FICA, etc. and get nothing in return. They pay sales taxes, too. They do the work arrogant US citizens are too lazy to do.

You've made a LOT of ridiculous, prejudiced and small minded assumptions about me in your little tantrum, bud.

And your knowledge of US history must come from talk radio or a box of Cracker Jacks.

Go beat your dog, macho man, and leave me out of your paranoid fantasies of masculinity and white power.

If you don't like it here, go back to debtors' prison in England or whatever slums your ancestors crawled out of so you can sit in your recliner and nod at Rush.

If you have to make your point at the trigger of a gun, you HAVE no point!

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