Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Monday, January 31, 2011

9:30 am, Monday

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9:30am: all firewood in yard collected, brought inside mobile home, so I'll have heat while working during snow storm tomorrow.

All tools picked up & stored, planter tubs tipped over so they can't fill with snow and get potting soil wet. Skirts around house trailer reinforced against wind, goats and snow. 50lb sack dog food in waterproof trash barrel with cover and wheels, right outside front door. Goat food INSIDE travel trailer with scoop (both so I don't have to make early trip to mobile home before I clear off snow). Path from trailer to mobile covered in carpets, plastic crates and panels of wood, so easy to clear path of snow tomorrow morning. Area rugs on porch for same reason and so snow will "clean" them.

Dirty dishes soaking in tub outside. Trash taken out to barrel, right by door, for storm. Items in utility trailer covered to protect from snow.

I was hunting in the bottom of my freezer, behind my turkey, looking for a pork roast when I stumbled on my last New York steak roast. I said, what the hell? I have very hard work to do this week and will need lots of protein, besides, I'm celebrating new house.  I can't have potatoes in the house in winter; they'll freeze or turn green if out in daylight, so no potatoes. But I have lots of pasta and rice; will decide later which to cook. I'll put roast in soon to heat house. Cloudy: no passive solar heat today.

I need to bathe, even though it's cold, because it'll be MUCH colder tomorrow and I'll be working hard and can't stand stinking.

Left note in mailbox for postal worker to leave me 2 change of address forms.

I still have to change cat box, but will wait 'til next time I have to pee. It feels SO good under the covers, not in much pain, resting.

I'm still coughing with scary violence. I can't inhale once my lungs empty, no matter how hard I concentrate. It is terrifying, the violent coughing and not breathing. 

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