Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Killer tamal vendors!

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new mexican favorites like tamales and burritos are sold all over in new mexico ... but up until now - people selling the homemade foods from their homes, or door-to-door didn't need a permit. that's about to change. cristina rodda is here to explain. the environmental division of the new mexico health department regulates restaurants and food stands with permits and inspections. starting at midnight anyone selling food door to door will need a permit as well. francisca moreno makes a living... selling tamales out of her blue ice chest... starting tomorrow she'll need a permit to do that. "yo lo consigueria para que me den mi permiso y seguire trabajando." she says she'll get the permit so she can keep working but says she keeps her kitchen clean "primero desinfecto con clorox y vinagre blanco y uego ya empiezo." moreno says she disinfects with clorox and vinegar before she begins to cook. but the state wants more than that.. with a permit - the state will give people like moreno training and cleanliness guidelines, look at their water source and sewage disposal ... and do an inspection ... so people who eat the food don't get sick. "i've had some bad experiences and some good ones also." pete martinez says he's bought these kinds of foods before. he's the director of operations for albuquerque tortilla company. the state and federal guidelines they have to meet are pretty extensive... "these past two months we went through five different audits and inspections and they're all focusing on the same things proper food preparation and proper food sanitation." he says recent food recalls and cases of food contamination have shown us we can never too careful with we put in our mouth. he just hopes other food sellers are being careful. " everyone is trying to make a living out there just because of the economy." as for moreno... she says the 50 dollars she makes per day... should be enough to pay for the one hundred dollar permit ... the state health departmnet admits that enforcing the permit rule may prove to be a little difficult.

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