Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sodom & Gomorrah

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I'm just keeping this for my own records. It's a reply to a very verbally abusive boy.
 Jesus hated taxes? He hung out with tax collectors and said give to Caesar that which is Caesar's and give to the Lord that which is the Lord's. The Tea Parody would be the 1st in the mobs yelling "crucify him!" all over again, if he came back today.
Eric, who told you Sodom and Gomorrah had anything to do with homosexuality, in the first place, cuz that's just wrong. And, in the second place, why do you think I have any interest in living by YOUR bed time stories with NO historical basis in facts? And, in the third place, if you're playing football, eating shell fish and doing anything on the Sabbath besides study and prayer, you are SO going to Hell SO much more than I am, cuz you CLAIM to be a "believer" and I don't give a flyin' fart about any of that ridiculous, superstitious nonsense. And, in the LAST place, I have a Constitutional RIGHT to believe what I want to believe and have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, no matter WHAT cockamamie nonsense you stuff between YOUR ears and you'd BETTER not try to pee on MY leg and claim it's raining!

AND the Gospel of John was written by Jesus' LOVER! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gospel_of_John

Eric, your epithets against people with behavioral health challenges stigmatize people with real disabilities. Your language is judgmental, abusive and hateful. You misspelled my name. You don't know my gender. You assume a lot about my motives and dismiss my pain as "crazy" and call me a "piece of shit," simply because you do not understand me or have any interest in doing so. I am full of fear and pain at the abuse of such xian behaviors as these. It is called "church damage." My experience is legitimate and you could learn a lot from it. Instead, you choose to be personally offended by the fact that I have to defend myself against the encroachment of a superstitious theocracy that would call me demon possessed (their explanation of "crazy,"), perverted, damned, not womanly, pagan, heathen and even a devil worshiper (I have a neighbor, spreading that rumor to anybody who will listen at the mail boxes. Her "evidence" against me? I have goats.) So, before you go sharpening your nails for my crucifiction and lighting your torches for my immolation as a witch, maybe you might want to consider that xian crap causes REAL suffering to REAL people and is not, in any way, a theoretical exercise to me.

And I do, in fact, have behavioral health challenges. I was beaten into brain damage by a sanctimonious mother who was sure I was possessed by demons. I rest my case.

I HATE religious fundamentalism.

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