Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, January 23, 2011

how to twist liberal panties

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 posted on Facebook with this charming comment:

The Liberal Library What do you think would happen if this duo ran for President/VP? Or even throw in Dennis Kucinich. The fringes are becoming more mainstream and acceptable. Could they put up a fight or even win since they balance right and left? 

 I of course had a comment, for which I was attacked and called a "moron."

I resent the implication that those of us who think for ourselves and don't just follow the Party Line are "fringes," as in crack-pots. Your party is directionless, corrupt, impotent, scared of the Tea Parody, has a war president in office ...right this minute and sells out the poor and disenfranchised every chance you get. It's more like you're the dinosaurs and we're the emerging mammals, if the planet can survive long enough for us to help it. Michael Moore used to be a Green, you know, until y'all corrupted him. Like he needed to get any fatter. You're supposed to be LIBERAL; that does not mean DEMOCRATIC PARTY. I'm sick of this damn group think. Hell, Olbermann gets canned and y'all act like you don't know how to wipe your own arses now! GROW UP and THINK FOR YOURSELVES! Otherwise, you're just the sheeple you claim to decry. Really
besides, fringe is a whole lot sexier than a tailored hem
Inarticulate and fumbled personal attack goes here, followed by:
Kevin, oh, Enlightened One, For a "liberal," you sure are quick to use a slur, an epithet, against people with developmental disabilities in a lame attempt to personally attack me for thinking for myself. You are EXACTLY of whom I speak!

By ...the way, I have brain injuries and, therefore, can be dismissed by arrogant people, proud of their ignorance, as a "moron." I am branded and stigmatized, through no fault of my own, but only because I was beaten in the head until part of my brain died, and you don't HAVE to take me seriously; you get a pass, because I'm not supposed to HAVE any civil rights, dignity, respect, credibility or wisdom.

That word is considered stigmatizing and insulting; it is no longer used even by the medical industrial complex. You stereotype and stigmatize PEOPLE WITH REAL DISABILITIES to try to shore up your frightened ego, not at MY expense, but at the expense of one of the most vulnerable populations on Earth. I am fifty-five years old, FEMALE, Queer, have life experience which a MAN with actual humility (not mach posturing, covering up his insecurities) could learn a LOT.

My first Presidential election, when I was eighteen, I voted for Shirley Chisholm! Go search it, white boy!

I suggest you learn to think for yourselves, and your response is to call me a "moron." And you've got your head SOOOO far up your rectum, so all you can see is your own fecal matter, you can't even appreciate the IRONY of your inarticulate pre-ejaculation! PATHETIC! GROW A PAIR!

Now, he's saying it's MY fault he called me a "moron!"

ME: I want you to stop using slurs and epithets against the disabled. I said it clearly. And now you are calling my statement "incoherant [sic] rant" You are discriminating against and making life much harder for people with disabilities and you need to stop, grow up and learn to listen! The word N!@@ER is used quite often, too, and is racist hate speech! YOU ARE MAKING LIFE HARDER FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. Of COURSE, it affects me personally! This isn't about hurt feelings; it is about CIVIL RIGHTS! You sound just like one of those redneck crackers back in the '60s: telling me it's MY fault you're treating me second class!

So, "Liberal Library" chimes in, tells me I am acting like a victim, like Sarah Palin.

Liberal, this is about CIVIL RIGHTS Civil RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You finally meet a person with behavioral health challenges who has the courage to stand up to hate speech, slurs and insults, speak articulately about the rights of people with disabilities and demand equal treatment and you use a pathetic word like VICTIM AT ME!? Just like the early Queers, of which I am also one, who came out of the closet, terrified of the consequences, to begin demanding our right to live in peace, without fear, with justice and equality? I have NOTHING to do with Palin!

You sound like George W: you're either with us, or you're with the terrorists!!

I AM NOT YOUR ENEMY and I DO NOT DESERVE PERSONAL ATTACKS and HATE SPEECH about disabilities! I demand respect as an equal. ALL I said was you people need to learn to think for yourselves, and you've all come unhinged!

It's the Cult of Politically Correct! NOBODY is allowed to question, to propose alternatives, to doubt!

Well, I ain't swallowin' your Kool Aid! You're just as dangerous as the Tea Parody, and you don't even see it.

And people like me are expected to kiss your arses and beg for pity and mercy??? Got news for you: there's more than ONE of us out here! Do a web search of Mad Pride, Psych Rights, MindFreedom.org and The Icarus Project. You have NO idea how backward, abusive, redneck, prejudiced, arrogant and ignorant you really are!

I don't tolerate hate speech about ANY group of people, ESPECIALLY people with conditions that they did not choose: color, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities/challenges. Hell, I don't even tolerate slurs about poverty.

If THIS is how you want to gain power, with YOUR BOOT on OUR NECKS, I WILL speak up, I WILL condemn it and I WILL tell you you're just as fascist, redneck, ignorant, prejudiced, arrogant and DANGEROUS as the Tea Parody.

And THANK you for confirming my doubts: you can't wipe your own asses without some Sanctified Spokesperson to tell you how!

You're what I've struggled against my whole life: oppression and blaming the oppressed.

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