Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Facebook "progressives"

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So, that Congresswoman from AZ and a bunch of other people got shot today, some killed. So, already, it's starting, among the so-called "liberals:" words like "crazies, loons, whackos...."

Here's my post on Facebook about the subject:

When you use words like "crazies," what do you think that does for my quality of life? i have lived in a closet with my brain injuries for decades, ashamed and afraid of people who call people like me crazy. i am afraid of churches who say ...I'm demonically possessed, cops who will manhandle me and not take my concerns seriously if they find out, an entire medical industrial complex that does NOT take my medical issues seriously but assumes any symptoms I present must be psychosomatic, social workers who think I'm lying or too stupid to handle anything and arrogant psychiatrists who want to dope me up so I can't use what brain cells i have left. And then, there's my ignorant neighbors who harass, ridicule, threaten, assault and abuse me, when they're not just STARING at me when they drive by. I'm discriminated against in housing, employment, PROGRESSIVE ACTIVISM, personal relationships and even consumer transactions, if they find out I have a behavioral health challenge!

EVERY TIME you use a word like "crazy," you are hammering another nail in the lids of our coffins, making it even harder for us to find the strength and courage to speak up for ourselves, to form support communities with each other, to advocate for our RIGHTS and to live our lives in peace!

One of you just sent me an unsolicited, private message, saying s/he won't friend me to spare me his/her political postings ! WTF???? I am an agnostic Witch, a Queer, a Green Party member, a social activist, am Mad Pride advocate, an environmentalist, a feminist..... but I'm too stupid/retarded/dumb to be someone's friend because s/he makes political posts on Facebook???

COYOTE: Call Off Your Old, Tired Ethics

I can speak for myself and I'll tell YOU what my limitations are! And my BIGGEST boundary, which you DO NOT GET TO CROSS, is patronizing me, condescending to me, in order that you might cling to your own, smug IGNORANCE!

It is ABLISM; it is KILLING people like me and I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT!


And here's my FINAL private message reply to that arrogant person:

Did you just send me an unsolicited, private message so you can condescend to me and make assumptions about my capacities? I don't need that from anybody; I get enough of that stereotyping and second-class status from doctors, social workers, neighbors, mental "health" professionals, liberals, rednecks and other, ignorant fools that never bother to ASK me what I need or who I am, but just ASSUME they know what's best for me! If you're afraid to friend me, just admit it to yourself and leave me alone. If you want an ally in the struggle for social justice, stop TELLING me who I am and LISTEN! Either friend me or stop writing. JESUS!

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