Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Thursday, January 06, 2011

thank you/explanation

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 I was robbed & stranded by people who had been thoroughly researching me online, without my knowledge, so they could pretend to be someone I'd trust, so they could sucker me in. Once I got there and began, temporarily, using their computer, I visited my sitemeters and saw their IP address on my visits. I then noticed they'd been through my entire website and all my blogs, looking for details about my life that they could use against me.

I, on the other hand, knew NOTHING about them, until they tried to victimize me. I found out from the locals they had been 86ed from most businesses in town. One old guy told me, "If they threw a massive kegger, with free barbeque and lots of weed, nobody in this town would go."

So, since you didn't offer to "friend" me on facebook, since I knew SO LITTLE about you and you knew SO MUCH about me, I was very frightened.

As a person who says she is being stalked, I'm hoping you can understand my need for hyper vigilence now, when I'm SO CLOSE to either escaping this hell or dying in it.

I am sincerely sorry if I have caused you pain.

I'm sorry, also, that it is taking me so long to let you know the box arrived. I was unsure how to write a thank you note with a huge explanation of my position on security for myself, until this morning, when I decided I will explain my vigilance first, then write a proper thank you later.

I will tell you this, right now: That was the most perfect box of stuff anybody ever sent me. The thoughtful touches, like the little manicure kit and footie socks, were very much noticed and appreciated. It looks as though you had a conversation with yourself like, "If I were in Rogi's position, what would I find really useful?" and set about to accumulate those things.

The shoes are FABULOUS! I mean, they are perfect. I'm going to hunt down that brand and buy some online, just as soon as I can. They are warm, large enough for my toes, have arch supports and the soles are so thick, i can't feel ANY goat heads in them as I walk around. I'd worn my old ones down to an eighth of an inch or thinner, some with holes in the soles, and was frequently stabbed by goat heads with spines longer than a thumb tack, going into my foot, as i tried to juggle heavy things into the trailer and keep goats out at the same time. You saved me a LOT of grief with those shoes.

And MANY thanks for the boiler pot & co2 detector. The foods are awesome. Those tubular cookies, called Tweels, are among my favorite on the planet.

I was extremely tired last night (dozing, in fact, when the UPS truck honked) and kind of punchy as I unpacked the box and put everything away. My eyes were blurry and I wasn't thinking very well, so I didn't examine everything very closely. But, in such a small living space, I put everything away, immediately, so I won't have clutter. So, I'll be "discovering" the things you sent, that I've put in their proper places around the house, over then next week.

The mardi gras beads hang on the lamp over the bath room mirror. The sea shell is waiting for me to shelve the rest of my "pretties," as I call them.

I haven't tried on the pants yet; I'm waiting 'til I take a bath.

I haven't opened the card yet; I guess I felt too guilty, but I will.

Thanks for the roll of coins. I may need them to buy drinking water from a dispenser, once I get to Gallup; don't know yet.

I was out at 6 am on a 6 hour trip to buy cigarettes & groceries, hitch hiking, then had to put everything away. I also pressure hosed my hot plate & toaster oven, which I'd slathered with oven cleaner the day before, in the wind, with the temps. below freezing, as soon as the hose thawed in the sun.

In the afternoon, a woman who'd picked me up last summer showed up with her brother and a trunk full of commodities foods she stores in her freezer, but hadn't eaten, so I had all that to put away, too.

Then, I "baked" a chicken in my electric skillet and made rice and gravy.

So, I'd put in a thirteen hour day and was dozing in bed when the box arrived. I wasn't working on all cylinders anymore by then.

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