Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Almost everything I need!

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Oh, what fun I had!

Stopped at a chain drug store. Got 2/1 sanitary pads. Got new batteries for my transistor radio & my cordless Webtv keyboard. Got a bottle of a THOSUAND asprin, thank you!

Then I went to the Chocolate Cafe. Had a breakfast burrito. Ate half a cheese Danish. Took it, and a Triple Sec chocolate/orange cake to go.

Bought all that with "bad" checks, waiting for the bank to open.

Walked across street to bank when it opened; deposited a hundred; kept sixty.

Decided to walk back to Yale, in case I saw something good to buy, or in a dumpster; I didn't.

At Yale, I stopped at Campus Pharmacy for those cheap cigarettes. A carton was TEN DOLLARS!!!!! That saved me ten bucks over the Pueblo smoke shop, plus $4 in bus fare, for two months! I bought four cartons. That's about a month and a week's worth of smokes.

Well, I went to the duck pond. I found two eggs. I walked to the hall where I thought my meeting would be; it's NEXT week! LOL I studied during breakfast, and EVERYTHING! shoot....

So, since I was already tired, I walked to Smith's. They had Dryer's ice cream on sale, so I got me a big tub of chocolate...should make nice milkshakes, with the bananas I froze. Found a marked-down sirloin steak, too. And got another pound of butter on sale.

Stopped at Family Dollar. Got aluminum foil, 11 cigarette lighters for two fifty and dollar charcoal fluid.

Walked back. Found the other bicycle shop on Central. Their slime is three bucks cheaper than the bike store by my house, and he'll put it in, so I'll wait 'til I repair my inner tubes and take them back to him on Tuesday.

Bought 2 tire patch kits: one to replace To's and one for me.

Stopped at Jasmine's, the Middle Eastern...I think they're Egyptian....restaurant. BOught me a lamb shish kabob sandwich, with extra: pickles, turnip, olives. And I've always wanted a big slice of that bright orange, coconut cake. Their son waited on me. He asked if I wanted cheese filling or custard. I asked him what he likes; he got wide eyed and said, "CUSTARD!"

Well, it comes drizzled in something; can't tell yet if it's sugar syrup or oil. Something thick. I had a nibble, when I got it home: the "cake" is almost PURE shredded coconut! DANG, it's GOOD!

So, I'm home. I'm still full from breakfast, so the lamb sammich can wait awhile.

My plans for the afternoon are to lie here, under the air conditioner, resting, watching tv, blogging, and, of course....EATING!!!!!

I'll water my garden and fool with my tires this evening, when it cools off.

It's nice to have sanitary protection that doesn't dance around every time I move.

Oh, and I bought me a damn COKE! LOL

I got lots of change, so I can pay everybody back all the money they loaned me this month.

By Tuesday, I SHOULD be back on my scooter.

Now, if I could just find me a lounge chair I can lie down on, to take to KUNM, I'll be perfect. I need to rest my legs there, somehow.

Only bought what I needed, really, except for the food. But, dang it, I never to to restaurants. And I worked SO HARD for that money. The burrito was only two dollars. The sweets were extravegant, but screw it!

If I'd remembered that meeting was next week, I'd have taken Porkchop. He'd have had a blast!

Now, I'm just letting my heart rate lower, my body cool and dry, and my head stop throbbing from walking so far.

I didn't buy insoles; they're TEN DOLLARS! and they only had man's sizes. I'll make my own, thank you. I have rubber mats around here I can cut up.

A movie's on in less than an hour; guess I'll get into the lamb then....

It was SO NICE to take care of myself so well today, even if it DID wear my ass out! WHEW!

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