Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Monday, May 24, 2004

I'm a mom

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Mike works at KUNM. He showed up this morning with a baby sparrow that had fallen from its nest.

I mixed: mango juice, some of the artichoke/spinich cream cheese and peanut butter in a cup. I sucked some up a coffee stir, tapped the baby's beak and he let me blow some into his mouth.

By the end of the day, he chirped and begged normally when I fed him. Or her?

I've been diligent about feeding it: at least once an hour.

When I got home, I tossed a one inch chunk of raw beef roast into my food processor, and blended it with a raw egg. I'm feeding him with a hypodermic syringe now.

I walked. I tried to patch the tube with a piece of old inner tube, but it went flat.

I dumpster dove on the way. I found really NICE girl clothes, including sexy undies, belts, and 2 pairs of above-the-elbow gloves, one black, the other white.

Dave, our "geek," had an old mouse with the right connector for the old computer the grrlz on da 1st floor are fixing for me. Their "geek" needs the mouse to troubleshoot the Windows95 on it.

Tina James Tafoya gave me 2 stories: domestic violence among Natives and lack of racial diversity/representation in newspaper staffs. The highest-ranking paper was the Gallup Independent. Most of their readership is Native and Hispanic; the entire staff is WHITE! And they even have a Navajo boy on their masthead!

I interviewed the woman who conducted the domestic violence research project. I've got her on digital audio.

I should have that story tomorrow: four minutes or less for KUNM, 1 1/2 for Tina.

I worked on the 2 Native stories for most of the day.

I also kinda got a "scoop." A guy from the UNM PR dept. called to tell us about a new book coming out, written by the chair of the anthropology dept. She was also president of Amnisty International. The book's about human rights violations.

She has a lot to say about the prisoner abuse issue.

The PR guy also sent me the link to a story about it in the Alb. Tribune last week.

I'm going to score a preview copy of the book, interview her, and do: a report for KUNM News, a report for FSRN, and fifteen minutes or so for Women's Focus, once I talk to the head of that. I don't see why they wouldn't want it.

Leslie's picking me up in the morning; she lives 6 blocks from me. Danny gave me a ride home, and doesn't mind giving me rides home this week.

I'm tired.

All I've eaten today is 2 duck eggs & 2 slices of bacon for breakfast, and a little over a cup of my mac & cheese.

I'll cook some vegetables and a few slices of the beef roast for supper, after I rest awhile.

I'm so so tired.

Tina sends invoices to Alaska this Friday. It should only be about 2 weeks 'til they pay me, but Leslie said once, it took sixty days her to get a check! eep.

If I can just hang on a little longer, my disability check will be here.

But I'm running out of cat food.


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