Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Monday, May 10, 2004

Imagine my supper

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Check this out: bite sized pieces of barbequed, rubbed and blackened Angus beef London broil, scattered over fresh brocolli, baked potato with sour cream. Everything topped with a strip of bacon, chopped.

What a fabulous feast! I can't eat it all, although I was careful not to serve too much meat.

I got my garden watered.

I got the scooter tire off in less than a minute, with the borrowed alan wrench! The tube is reusable, once it's patched. I washed off tire and tube; they're drying thoroughly before I reassemble everything.

Danny's giving me a ride to the station tomorrow, anyway.

FSRN.org wrote back; they are interested in my DOE story.

My legs are miserable. Ugh.

Those yogurt thingies are really good! I know they're evil; they're day-glow pink, for cryin' out loud! And they've got lots of sugar in them. I'm TRYING not to eat em all; I can easily eat 2 at a time, and do...sheepish grin.

I'll have to fix me up a way to make my own yogurt. That way, I can use up left over fruit from FNB, reduce the sugar, and make my own yummy. Yogurt's a pain in the bazongas, though...

I guess, the way milk prices shot up overnight, there's not much difference between home made and bought, in price. sigh.

But I can get marked down milk more often than discounted yogurt.

I wouldn't have bought THOSE, if they hadn't been fifty cents a dang BOX! LOL That's like sixteen candy bars for a dollar! But a tiny bit healthier. Even if they make my guts glow in the dark....snort.

It's cool and pleasant. I have my baby box fan, on the shelf beside the bed, going. But it's nice now. Especially since I "water" my wooden fence, while watering the flower beds under them...breeze blows through; house is cool and fresh.

I can't find out which company provides security guards for Sandia and LANL...maybe they're hired by the labs...but I swear they have a union...I need to talk about working conditions for guards at the lab...someone today let it slip that morale's low.

...thinking out loud; sorry..

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