Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Ant Bite!

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I try so hard, not to disturb the red ant nests out there! But I still got stung in the foot! Ouchies! They get inside my shoes.

I did three loads of laundry this morning and totally soaked my flower beds, so I can pull more weeds.

I arranged planters. I hung my rainbow-striped Hobie sail from a tree, for shade over my lawn furniture in the back corner.

I set part of my witch & cat collection in my flower pots.

I took my big janitor's push broom and swept the sticks and gravel up, to make water barriers around the yard. It's much easier to walk out there now, without the big rocks and sharp sticks. But man, that was a job!

I raked apart that chipped wood pile, to let air in to dry it. It'll be used to bank and cover flower beds.

I hung 3 large pictures I'd found in the trash along the back fence.

I stacked kindling and started moving fire wood.

I organized some gardening tools.

I worked about four, maybe five, hours out there today.

I have the air conditioner on now. Just finished a lunch of "balogna tacos." I put cottage cheese inside folded slices of balogna. Cream cheese, if I have any.

I'll rest for the day now, except for hanging laundry.

I'll have a big day, cooking at Food Not Bombs tomorrow, so I need my rest.

That "empty" lot out there is turning into the cutest garden!

I even strung my long utility cord all the way to the back corner, so I can put a radio and a lamp out there.

It's all under a tree, whose leaves made rich, composted soil. That's where I'm putting in new flower beds. And, because of the 2 story apartment building next door, and the tree, it stays pretty fresh and cool for most of the day. It'll be a great place to sit and watch bees. And the cats really like it.

I think I'll break into my yogurt again now...wish I had some cookies....

I could make cookies tomorrow, huh? we have chocolate and pine nuts and some other good stuff....

Hope there's a good movie on this afternoon. I just want to be a potato...

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