Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, May 28, 2004

$ fantasies

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I've just been lying here, fantasizing about stuff I want to eat tomorrow. I want a green chili cheeseburger with fries dipped in nacho cheese and jalepenos for breakfast.

I want some chocolatey, fudgey cake to bring home for later.

I want donuts, particularly French crullers.

I want a THICK chocolate malt, made with real ice cream.

I'd love a pastrami sandwich, but good luck, finding THAT in Albuquerque!

I just want to eat and eat and eat! I've been SO careful about stretching food!

I want a REAL Coca Cola. I know: sewage of imperialism, but that gingery after taste is so nice.

Unfortunately, I can buy almost everything I just mentioned, walking back to campus from the bank.

I will get the burger, at Frontier Restaurant.

Maybe, by then, I won't be so desperate for the rest?

But would one slice of fudgy cake from that Chocolate Cafe be SO terrible?


I could just wait 'til Monday, and go shopping at Smith's.

For what I'd have spent on restaurants, I could buy most of the ingredients, make it myself, have something better than restaurants serve, and have a lot more of it!

I could buy ice cream. I also have real whipping cream in the freezer; I could make a mousse.

The problem with being a good cook is: I never want to waste money in restaurants, when I could do it myself.

I do want to buy some of those gel insoles, for my shoes.

I'm waiting for .... to get back from CA to see if he brings me a bottle of Strega.

I should go to sleep.

But I can't stop dreaming about food.

I can actually take a bus tomorrow! I have exactly one dollar left, not countin the two in the bank. Give my feet a break.

I'm taking my collapsable stroller, to haul stuff around tomorrow.

Good thing I took a shower and washed my hair today.

I'm dressing up and putting on make up and everything.

Yes, I'll be careful. I'm desperate to get out from under that friggin bank.

But I am going to enjoy some of that money tomorrow.

Gawd knows, I earned it.

And, yes: somewhere along the line, I'll either get a lamb sandwich, or I'll buy lamb to barbeque, and buy Jasmine's home made pita bread, to eat it with.

I just want to feel animal fat in my mouth again.

...and chocolate.

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