Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

man, I'm beat!

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Leslie never showed up this morning.

So, at nine thirty, I repacked my stuff in my little stroller, changed into my walking shoes, and headed for the station.

Got three duck eggs, on the way.

I packed a TON of food, so I can work all week without starving.

I brought a loaf of that bread, hummus, "cottage tofu," peanut butter and my home made chutney. I put up a hand lettered sign: free food by Food Not Bombs & Rogi. It got eaten! I'll bring more bread on Thurs.

Poor Danny, Rachel's Operations assistant, ran all over the station today, dismantling shelving and mail cubbies, and moving furniture. He even moved the copy machine, a refrigerator and the water bottle! He's been running all day, prepping our floor for The Big Remodelling, scheduled for 2 weeks from now. He gave me a ride home tonight, and will bring me back to KUNM on Thurs.

Tomorrow, I'll just research stuff here, and maybe make a few phone calls.

Da grrlz on da 1st floor are going to help me find some teachers to interview about No Child LEft Behind.

I pretty much had the newsroom to myself today, which was a blessing. I'm sloooowly learning Windows.

Renee had me edit a commentary; I removed a sentence in present tense; the event had passed. It aired tonight. Not one of mine, by the way.

I got recording equipment to take up the street to TVI tomorrow. There's a public meeting on the Albq. Public Schools' budget problems. I want to record some sound, for my piece.

And I got Stuart's minidisc of John Kerry's visit to an elementary school here today; he spoke on NCLB. I may steal some sound for my piece.

I'm so tired. I hurt so bad.

I get scared, cuz my memory's so bad, I'm not good on the equipment yet, I don't know Windows that well and I'm SO self conscious about the impression people get of me.

I'm always scared they think I'm an air head.

And people get impatient, down to the wire, or when there's a crisis, etc. And I take it too personally.

I got snapped at today by someone whom I respect very much, and who I think rather respects me. We have very interesting conversations. I was just delivering a message from someone else whom I consider a supervisor. But the person who snapped did apologize, when I snapped back by quoting the snap. And I explained I embarrass easily. The person snapped in front of others, whom I don't want to disrespect me.

And then, during the news, Renee said the nicest thing. She said, I was just sitting here, thinking about you and thought I'd tell you what I was thinking. You have a good ear for news stories. You know what's news. Some people who come in here have no idea. But you, you know what's really a story, and how to get there.

I damn near burst into tears.

So, even though my legs are THROBBING MISERABLY, all the way from toes to hips, even though I have stabbing pain between my shoulders, my ribs hurt, my back aches and I have a fever, I feel pretty good.

Renee can't hire me as a reporter, because I don't have a Bachelors Degree; UNM requires that. But I did tell her Linda found a job description--not a POSTING, mind you--for a part time, on call editorial assistant position. If anyone can create a position for me, it's Renee and Linda.

She asked me to print a hard copy of the job description.

I presented the idea this way, Renee, I'm not begging and I'm not even asking; I'm just giving you this information. There's a job for which I am qualified; Linda found it.

So, I've done what I can.

It's hard, buddy. It's really hard, showing up tired from a long walk, to mass confusion and scant supervision or advice.

ANd soon, there will be construction workers, noise and mess all day every day, for six months. And, because it's summer, we won't have the college work study students to help.

So, it's going to be even harder.

But it's the best hard work I can imagine.

I guess my thirty years of listening to community radio, part time writing and part time volunteer work are starting to pay off. That's why I've got a good ear, you know; I've been listening, this whole time.

So, my animals are very glad to see me. The air conditioner is kicking in. I'm in my underwear. I'm hungry and I can barely walk.

The blogs might, or might not, get posted tonight.

But I've got a mini disc of John Kerry; I've got a file full of print outs; I've got an inbox full of URLs I emailed myself today, so I can read online, which is easier for me than reading print; I've got an outline of my first story. I've got a recorder to take to tomorrow night's meeting.

I've done everything I can today.

Hell, I even watered my garden this morning!

Man, I'm beat.....

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