Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, May 28, 2004

Well, I'm pretty proud of myself

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I've managed several chores. I put the clean dishes away and washed almost all the dirty ones. I've sorted laundry to wash, and put away two baskets of clean.

I have fresh towels, hanging in the bathroom and kitchen.

I can actually see parts of the living room floor again.

I even took out a bucket of compostable materials.

I'm hurting and it's bad.

But I don't want to stiffen up from sitting still all day, either.

I blogged a lot this morning, too. My "in" boxes might not be empty, but they're smaller.

I'll just have to pace myself: work a bit, lie down a bit.

I feel a lot less overwhelmed now.

I have a post card: "If I do a little every day, soon, the task will completely overwhelm me."

That's what I was feeling... I didn't think I could ever catch up.

I HATE neglecting my home, and my body, for radio, but I made good money this week...when ever I get to see it. And I produced useful stuff for the listeners.

And, get this: someone from the Albuquerque Journal "googled" "rogi riverstone" last night, from a Pacific time zone! Guess they're on vacation, or something.

I hope it's an editor!

The Trib. interviewed me, not the Journal. So, I don't think it's the reporter.

But someone at the Journal knows my name.

One of the reporters at KUNM is working on a print piece for a local paper. They pay ten cents a word, and the reporter has 2,500 words. THat's two hundred fifty bucks! And it'll be a front page feature!

If I'm patient, and keep working my butt off, I could do that!

OUCH! I'm having spasms in the area where my missing fallopean tube should be! Better take it easy for awhile....moan.

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