Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


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Julie, the book keeper, just wrote me back. She's cutting the check & mailing it TOMORROW!!!

I might have the money by MONDAY!!!!!

LEt's see: today's the twenty fifth. Monday's, what? The 31st: three days before my disability check arrives! I can reduce my debt by at LEAST a hundred forty dollars, right away!

That's fourteen dollars' fees I'll save: almost half!

By July, I'll be paid off! Knock wood...

I'm going to make it! By the skin of what's left of my teeth!

If I can write a story a week for NNN, and one big story per month for FSRY, that's three hundred sixty extra dollars a month!

That would bring my income up to poverty level, which is a thousand a month for a single adult.

And the government's "poverty level" is middle class, by War Zone standards. It's wealthy, by third world standards.

I can start saving up for a rent deposit, to get the hell OUT of here!

I might even buy me some shoes and insoles.

Oh, please: don't let things at KUNM degenerate until I have to leave the station! PLEASE let me MAKE IT! PLEASE! DON'T take THIS away from me, TOO! You got my daughter, you got my health, you got twenty years of my damn life. PLEASE let me support myself, so I don't die in some state run facility, tended to by resentful, ignorant minimum wage workers who abuse the vulnerable!

PLEASE let me go into old age in some PEACE and SECURITY! PLEASE!

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