Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Press and liberty

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Well, I almost quit today. Someone complained about me. Not to Rachel, my supervisor; no, they went all the way to the Station Manager.

Apparantly, they're offended that I spoke to them when they came into the volunteer room while I was on the computer and they were making copies. And, apparantly, they're too chicken to speak to me. And, apparantly, they're offended that I spent so much time on the Volunteer Room computer, at all.

I've been crying all day. What a sneaky, vicious, underhanded, cold-blooded, spineless way to deal with their concerns!

I stayed, as I had no ride home. And I worked on my story as long as I dared.

I had many interruptions today; I had to move from computer to computer. Reloading all my sound and text documents took a lot of time.

I didn't get it done.

Rachel gave me a ride home. I was just listening to DemocracyNOW! They broadcast a speech by Bill Moyers regarding free press, democracy, and the undermining of our rights.

There's no transcript; I can't post it here. The sound file is here: http://play.rbn.com/?url=demnow/demnow/demand/2004/may/video/dnB20040513a.rm&proto=rtsp&start=30:05.88.

WebTV can't hear it, sorry.

At the end, he describes "printers," the old word for journalists, and the persecution, pettiness, hair splitting, and painting-into-a-corner journalists have suffered at the hands of the status quo.

Something about journalists as people who speak the truth. Something about journalists as people of passion.

That's me.

People won't respond to news that doesn't engage them, doesn't make them feel the passion.

The reason I'm a good journalist is because I'm passionate. And that's the reason why I'm perceived as a threat.

So, to whomever ratted me out, let me tell you: I don't have an office; I don't have an office door; I don't have a computer that's always the same as it was when I walked away; I don't have a car; I don't have a college degree; I don't have even a paycheck for what I do! In fact, this is costing me time, energy and money!

If you can't be even a little tolerant, flexible and generous with PUBLIC facilities, maybe you need to work for Clear Channel and get the hell out of PUBLIC radio!

I WILL NOT GET IN THE BACK OF THE BUS! I will NOT get small and invisible, for your comfort level.

I heard a rap song today. Here's a quote: Apartheid is a head ache cure.

Well, I refuse.

Talk to ME! Speak up or shut up!

I work harder, with fewer resources, than you do. I produce high-quality work, from a WebTV and a toy scooter!

Get out of my way!

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