Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Monday, May 10, 2004

Much better day!

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I'm working on a story about the DOE's announcement that they plan to remove weapons-grade uranium from Sandia and Los Alamos labs.

People actually called me back! LOL

Even poor Tom Udall, whom I accidentally gave the wrong number. He let it ring and ring, and someone picked up and hung up on him! oops....

ANyway, I got him. I also got a guy from POGO.org. THE guy, apparantly. He used to be Richardson's assistant at DOE under Clinton. He's part of a watchdog group now.

I also need to get interviews with the security guards' union. And I'd like an interview with Homeland Security.

This is a story I can sell, I think. ALready emailed Melinda at FSRN.org. She'll pitch it to the editorial staff.

I didn't freak out when the headphones were broken. I didn't panic when I walked into Studio C and found the PHONE had been taken out and taken apart! I just put it all back together...

There's a hummingbird nest in a tree branch on the patio outside the building. And the baby robins have their flight feathers, and are sulking in a tree, away from their nest. Their parents are pretty nervous, though...

Danny, from Operations, gave me a ride home and will pick me up in the morning.

I ate: Strawberries, salmon, bread & butter and yogurt for lunch. Quite satisfying!

And Renee straightened me out on how I can get hired at KUNM, so I'll be calling Staff Services for help wit my resume tomorrow!

Things are looking up!

Even though I missed my appt. at Voc Rehab today, the lady emailed back and is going to ask my "counsellor" to try to schedule something more quickly than 2 months from now.

And I borrowed enough money to cover my bank acc't.


OH! And Kevin, the engineer, let me borrow some alan wrenches, that might help me fix my scooter wheel!


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